3 Ways to Win Lots of Free Diamonds on Free Fire!


Aprenda agora três excelentes maneiras de como conseguir muitos diamantes grátis no Free Fire. Ganhando saldo no PayPal com aplicativo Dreame, através do resgate de códigos do Rewards FF e recarga jogo ambos os sites oficiais da Garena! Saiba também como fazer recarga jogo.

Nesse tempo de crise nada melhor do que conseguir meios alternativos para conseguir ganhar diamantes grátis no Free Fire, não é mesmo? Então, conheça agora excelentes maneiras de conseguir muitos Diamantes grátis através de maneiras legais. Ou seja, onde você não vai correr nenhum risco de comprometer a sua conta! Veja este gerador de codiguin.

One of the most popular ways recently is through apps that reward you in in-app coins for completing some activities, these coins upon reaching a certain amount can be converted into real money, and sent either to a bank account, or converted into a balance in the Paypal or Play Store.

Among the best known times for example Kawai, but today we are going to talk about a new application! The Dream!

About the Dream app

Surely you know at least one application that promises to give you money by fulfilling some requirements, even if that requirement is just answering some surveys, downloading games, registering with companies, etc. But Dreame as much as it follows the same premise, it is executed in a totally innovative way.

To get the coins in Dreame, you just need to read! That's right, read books! For lovers of a good read it is the perfect app. But not just for them, the app is great for anyone. After all, reading is fundamental and only adds to a person's quality of life.

Check out how to Earn Balance at Dreame!

1 – The first step is without a doubt to download the App! To make it easier, I'll leave the download link here:

2 – After installing the Application, the first time you access it, it will ask for some permissions, accept them, as they are essential for the application to work! A short questionnaire will also be made regarding your profile, and what types of books you prefer, answer if you want, or just skip this part. Because it can be done later.

My dream panel
My Panel – Dreame

3 – Now the important part begins. In the panel located at the bottom of the application screen, click on the last option “Mine”. When you click you will notice that you are logged in as a guest. Then click on the Unicorn image to enter an account. You can create the account using social network or your email.

dreame login panel
Dreame Login Panel

4 – In the “My” Panel, as soon as you enter your account you will see some tabs, enter “Earn Rewards”. Then choose the "Tasks" tab. By completing these tasks you will get Points, they are updated daily. From saving a book, reading it for a while, etc.

App dreame - how to get diamonds in free fire
Task Pane – Dreame

5 – But of course, the option to recommend to a friend could not be missing. After all, it is always the one that gives the most results in the short term. When entering “Earn Rewards” (picture above) you will see an option related to inviting friends, the option will be with the name Christmas Carnival!

6 – The application also has a Roulette on the “Lucky Draw” tab located to the right of Tasks. In it you can spin the roulette with your coins and if you're lucky to win several, or be at a loss, so be careful.

How to get diamonds in free fire (dream app) - roulette
Lucky Draw (roulette)

Other Apps to Get Balance

Didn't like the unique footprint of the Dreame app? Couldn't adapt, or doesn't really like to read, etc. Check out in our article a list of various applications, which are also excellent for getting a balance on the Play Store, or Paypal, to buy Diamonds on Free Fire:

Redeeming your Balance

To be able to redeem your balance, you must first have a PayPal account, so if you don't already have one, create one! When completing tasks, or inviting enough friends to make the minimum recharge (5 dollars).

To withdraw, go to the “Benefits” panel. In this panel you will be able to exchange your points for cash. Choosing the amount to withdraw, you place your PayPal account, confirming the process, just wait until the amount is deposited in your account. Remembering that this operation can take up to 15 business days! So whenever possible withdraw to always have an amount reserved in your PayPal account. This operation can be done every 6 hours.

And this is the way to get a PayPal balance using the Dreame App, through this method, you can use this balance to buy Diamonds on Free Fire. But if you are looking for another method…

Code Rescue!

The next two ways to get free diamonds on Free Fire and/or other rewards on Free Fire is through redeeming codes! These codes are redeemed through Garena's official websites, which are: Reward FF and Recarga Jogo!

Among all the options available, with apps, etc, the method of how to get free Diamonds on Free Fire preferred by the entire community is through codes. This is because it is the fastest method and effect. Once you use the code, you will immediately receive your Diamonds in your account. But it's not only preferred because of the speed of the process… It's because in addition to free diamonds, through the codes you can also receive rare items, such as Magic Cube, Skins, Angelic Pants, etc.

Don't know how to redeem codes? So learn now, on here!

Codes for the Recarga Jogo website

73475050437993926423 OPEN

28270885172939621590 OPEN

37042541960713001705 OPEN

94037284512568583298 OPEN

60563584834029306277 OPEN

More Codes!

Codes for the Reward FF website









Application and script used in the tutorial

Another way to redeem free fire prizes is an exclusive way for users who arrived in this article through our partners on youtube. Our partners basically teach you quick and simplified methods on how to get these very rare items within the game itself. For more information, search for: Script Free Fire.

Application 1:



Application 2:



Application 3 (ADVANCED SERVER):

Activation code: JQ82BZHXMFWY7VIF

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these tips! But don't forget, stay tuned because we frequently update the codes available here on the site. So stay tuned here at News Geek!

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