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Best Anime games on Roblox

See what are some of the best anime-based games on Roblox.

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Roblox has such a wide variety of games that it is often difficult to find something to play. There are games of all kinds and forms, ranging from simulators, adaptations of famous games, even creating totally new and innovative games.

Thinking about the public that enjoys anime, and is looking for Anime-themed games on Roblox, we have separated the best in a brief list. Check out the top 10 anime games on Roblox below!

Top 10 Anime Games on Roblox

Games inspired by anime have been around for decades and are a good opportunity for fans of certain works to feel inside what they love so much. There are anime games of all kinds, from racing games, fighting games mainly, and even RPG where you have a more lived experience in the skin of the character you love so much.

All these styles of games can be found within Roblox, thanks to all the freedom that the platform offers creators, who daily create or update anime-inspired games. But among so many, it is very difficult to know which one is really worth investing time. After all, there are so many options! To make it easier, check out the 10 best anime games on Roblox below, with a brief description about each one, and the link to access it!

Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand

As the name implies, this game is one of the best anime games you can find on Roblox about one of the greatest anime of all time, Dragon Ball Z. What guarantees the fact that it is one of the best games, is the fact that it is one of the most popular!

In Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand, you can choose from several of the races present in the anime. Each of them will have their own abilities and transformations. The game is an RPG, and it will give you the opportunity to live your own adventure in an open world, which has several missions, PVP, a level system, and its own economy.

Although it bears the name of Dragon Ball Z, it receives constant updates, including elements from Dragon Ball Super. So, if you are looking for something related to the Dragon Ball universe, this is the best choice!

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Attack on Titan: Downfall

Speaking of animes that have become true phenomena, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyoujin) cannot be left out. The anime that premiered in 2013, has become one of the most loved among the community, and more than deserved a version within Roblox!

Attack on Titan: Downfall is inspired by the first season of the anime. So, if you watched it, and you had a strong desire to have a game to go around with the equipment jumping between walls trying to take down the titans, this is the opportunity!

As in the anime, it is possible to move around the city with great freedom using the equipment of the troops. All this while participating in very well-crafted fights. The game recognizes the part of the Titans' body where you hit. So, you don't have to worry about the location, you can create strategies, such as hitting the legs, to take them down.

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Anime Fighting Simulator

It is impossible to talk about the best anime games for Roblox, and not talk about Anime Fighting Simulator! After all, it is a game that puts several characters from different animes to fight, in the same way as a Super Smash Bros. of life!

The game's proposal is simple, you control famous anime characters, including Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, etc. Level up your character infinitely, and go looking for other players to fight with them, using iconic abilities of the chosen character.

As much as it has a simple premise, the leveling up system, as well as the epic fights, makes this one of the best anime games, among so many others on Roblox!

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grand piece

One Piece is an anime that spanned an entire generation, and it's reaching its thousandth episode. Even with so many episodes, the "pirate that stretches" anime continues to be successful and conquer new fans every day. Grand Piece is for those people who love One Piece.

Inspired by the anime universe, it's an RPG that lets you live a whole experience of assembling a crew, traveling the seas, and looking for treasures. There you can even find the Devil Fruit (Devil's Fruits), acquire skills and fight bosses. Not to mention the scenario that is very faithful to the anime.

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Blox Fruits

Still in the world of One Piece, we have Blox Fruits, but this time instead of being focused on adventure like Grand Piece, in Blox Fruits the game focuses on battles.

Within the game, you just have to decide if you want to be a swordsman, or a Devil Fruit user, then just kick ass! The game has a level system, where the player can go up to level 1500! In addition to having several different fruits, with various abilities, which makes the game varied, and very difficult to get sick of!

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Attack on Titan: Last Breath

Another one inspired by the Attack on Titan anime, but this time with a great focus on cooperation between players. Where they will have to unite to face the titans in different scenarios of the anime. Using the same tools present in the anime. Using mounts, and jumping between buildings in a coordinated way.

It is a very complex game, taking into account the standard of Roblox games, where you can also find a PVP system, collect mounts, acquire cosmetics and much more.

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All Star Tower Defense

As the name implies, you might be wondering why a tower defense game is on a list of the Best Anime Games on Roblox? Simple! Yes, it is a tower defense game, however, the game has several famous anime characters.

These characters, each with their unique abilities and characteristics, will offer advantages or disadvantages to face the waves. Overcome the challenges by using and improving characters to favor and be able to overcome all the waves that come!

In All Star Tower Defense, you can play cooperatively, in an infinite waves mode. But if you prefer, you can still play alone by making your own strategies!

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Shindo Life

Although it is inspired by an anime that is not as popular as the ones listed above, it deserves its place in a list of the best anime games on Roblox. Inspired by the classic anime Shinobi Life, in the most classic possible model of an RPG.

In it, in addition to being able to create your character by customizing it, you can explore a vast open world with environments inspired by anime locations, improve your avatar's level and equipment. Of course, the game's abilities are all anime-inspired, as are the missions.

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Ninja Tycoon

Are you missing a game entirely inspired by Naruto? Of course, one of the most popular anime today could not be left out! Ninja Tycoon is inspired by the world's best known ninja universe.

In it you have the possibility to create and make several modifications to your character, customizing it to your will. Although in it you can't exactly control your favorite character. The player has the opportunity to learn several new techniques, as well as unlock Skins of their favorite ninjas.

Ninja Tycoon has its own economy system, and very interesting combats as each skill has its own attributes and effects!

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And to close the list of the best anime games on Roblox, we can't leave out Ro-Ghoul which is inspired by Tokyo Ghoul. Anime that marked a whole crowd, and to this day is very loved.

Ro-Ghoul is a fighting game where you choose one of two rival factions. In it you will level up and battle a lot! After all, you will find many fights ahead of you in a well-developed battle system, which has defense, attack, special attack mechanics, etc.

In addition to having classic anime elements, skills and special moves, different weapons and much more!

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