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Face Dance: Application to animate photos.

Transform your photos into magical Harry Potter portraits! Make your photos move!

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Wouldn't it be cool to make your photos do the talking? We found an app that can do that!! And if you're looking to get out of boredom and have a good laugh, the face dance app is perfect for you! In addition to animating photos, you can have fun choosing the different face filters that the App offers.

Best of all, it's not limited to just taking selfies. It can make your Baby say the first words, or make your best friend do a hilarious dance, or even sing a fun song.

Your photos can be transformed into super realistic animations by adding effects that move the image and transform it into vivid and creative images, as if you were actually doing the movements in real life.

Face dance is great for editing photos and turning selfies into animated images, making static faces come to life. And you can choose any model from the gallery to accomplish these feats. The models are updated every day, among them we can find:

  • Nostalgic types;
  • Cinematographic;
  • Romantics;
  • Christmas and much more.

You can use the one you like the most, then just export it in Gif format, and share it on your favorite social network.

This is one of several applications that guarantee to become known to many people, just using photo animations with sound of popular songs that can be added to the photos of its users. Know also how to create free online avatar.

How to make your photos sing

1st Get the app

2nd Take or upload a photo

3rd choose a song

4th Make your photo sing

Face dance: application to animate photos. - app to animate photo 1
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How to animate old photos

Your old photos, or photos of loved ones, can come to life by adding different motions. Check out:

1st upload a photo

2nd Select nostalgia mode

3rd Bring your photos to life

Face dance: application to animate photos. - animate photo
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Create your face dance

Show off your face dancing skills! just record yourself and lip-sync to your favorite music, then let other users replicate your movements with their Selfies and animate photos of them.

Face dance: application to animate photos. - animate photos
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Turn your friends' photos into memes

Upload your friend's photo to the App to:

➡ Make her sing

➡ Dance to viral songs

➡ Act like a movie character

animate photos
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Apps similar to Face Dance

cheer me up

In Animate Me you can create images and animations, ecards and animate photos and make your videos fun. In addition to adding sounds to your characters and making them talk, your photo is super funny when you add hero masks. The user can choose the face they want and put it in their own photo, but it is only available for mobile phones with the iOS system.


This app, unlike Animate Me, can be used by both iPhone and Android users. It is very simple to use, and is capable of sharing ready-made animated and creative images directly on Facebook and Instagram.


Picstum is intended only for those with an Android system. It is more professional and used to make animation that gives amazing visual effects.

The application provides options for:

  • Crop and rotate the image
  • animated visual effects
  • Preview of finished image or video before sharing or saving

how to download facebook dance

It is very easy to download the application on your cell phone, just go to your cell phone's application store to download it and enjoy all the available resources. The App is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, just click the button below to download:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Face App sure is a great app to animate photos just by clicking a single button. And in addition to the free version, it also makes the paid version available to its users, which unlocks much more varieties of effects and music. But just with the free version you can have a lot of fun.

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