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Discover Who Are The 3 Greatest Marvel Villains

The 3 most powerful Marvel villains and their stories

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Do you know who are the biggest Marvel villains? Today I will bring you three of them, remembering that they are from Marvel completely, and this article will not be limited to the Cinematic Universe. In case you don't know the difference between Marvel and MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe, I will explain it below in a quick and simple way for you.

MCU is just what we've seen in theaters, the Marvel Universe completely covers from the first HQ to the last movie / series released. And yet, maybe if you follow Marvel only for the Movies and Series, maybe you end up not knowing any name that I'm going to mention.

Before I start naming the three greatest Marvel villains, I want to say that it's just my opinion. That is, if you do not agree with the names mentioned below, you can rest assured, because your opinion is also valid.


ultron marvel
Photo: Playback/Ultron – Marvel

Most likely you already know this villain, if not, I recommend you watch the movie "Age of Ultron", from the Avengers. However, in the MCU, he was eventually defeated by the Avengers, just before he was able to take on all of the Soul Stone's powers.

However, in What If, an animation recently released on Disney+, we saw that in an alternate reality Ultron defeated the Avengers. And in addition to defeating the avengers, he managed to take control of the Soul Stone, taking possession of the soul's body. Eyesight.

Soon after, he defeated Thanos and left in search of more power, thus destroying his entire Universe. After destroying his Universe, he ended up discovering that there were more, and started wanting to destroy the entire Multiverse, you know how he was defeated? With the interference of the Watcher, who went out to gather a galley and created the guardians of the Multiverse.


Thanos marvel
Photo: Reproduction / Thanos – Marvel

Of the greatest villains in Marvel, Thanos is the greatest of all in the Cinematic Universe, but it is worth remembering that others are emerging. Thanos was responsible for all the chaos in the MCU that began in Phase 1 and ended in Phase 4, in Endgame.

He was responsible for the great saga of infinity, where I go out collecting the 6 jewels and after that, he exterminated half of the life of the universe. Soon after, the remaining Avengers gathered and ended up discovering the time jump, or simply time travel.

With that, they left in a saga to collect the gems before in the past and so, return to the present and bring everyone back.

Doctor Fate

Doctor fate marvel
Photo: Reproduction/Doctor Fate – Marvel

This is undisputed one of the biggest villains in all of Marvel, and maybe he's coming to the MCU, at least the fans want that. This Villain appeared in the 60s and, like many other characters, was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Doctor Doom is well known for being one of or the main villain of the Fantastic Four, even he has even appeared in theaters. This was before the Fantastic Four returned to Marvel, meaning, despite appearing in theaters, it still hasn't arrived in the MCU.


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