How to get and redeem Codes on Free Fire

See how to get and redeem Codes on Free Fire! Codes that range from Diamonds to even the most coveted rare items in the game.


Resgatar um código no Free Fire pode até ser uma atividade simples, entretanto conseguir os códigos disponibilizados pela desenvolvedora Garena é outra história… Como os códigos dão para quem resgatar eles prêmios muito cobiçados, e o que geralmente faz jogadores gastarem dinheiro, sendo essa a fonte de renda da empresa. Por conta disso, a Garena limita e muito a distribuição de códigos no Free Fire. Veja como fazer recarga jogo.

Mas ainda com toda essa limitação, é possível conseguir códigos para resgatar no FF com este gerador de codiguin, e com isso conseguir prêmios para sua conta. Enfim, nesse artigo aprenda como fazer para conseguir códigos, e como fazer para resgatar eles para incrementar a sua conta do Free Fire!

How to Redeem Codes in Free Fire

Reward ff - Garena's official website for free fire code redemption
Reward FF – Garena's Official Website for Redeeming Free Fire Codes

First let's start with the easiest part, how to redeem codes on ff! First, for people who are now entering the game and who are not aware of this process, it must be said that it is not done within Free Fire, but on an external website of Garena itself called Reward FF. Check out the step by step below:

1. Access the official website for redeeming Garena codes, Reward FF (

2. Log in to the website with the same account you created on Free Fire (Facebook, VK, Google or Huawei). For example, if you created your Free Fire account using Facebook, log in with your Facebook!

3. Enter/paste the 12-digit Code you want to redeem. Garena's official codes will always have 12 digits, being numbers and letters together! Click on “confirm”.

Feito esses 3 simples passos, se o código que você inserir for verdadeiro, ou ainda não tiver sido resgatado (em caso de códigos exclusivos), uma mensagem avisando que o código foi resgatado com sucesso irá aparecer na tela, junto com um prazo para que o prêmio chegue de fato até a sua conta do Free Fire por meio da caixa de correio. Veja este gerador de codiguin.

How to get the Codes

Garena makes special Free Fire codes available at all times. With each new battle pass, with each new skin… All of this can be redeemed through codes in FF. But where do you get these codes? As they are codes that give prizes so awaited by players, in addition to being the main reason for players to spend money on the game, being Garena's way of collecting them, they are very limited!

1. Influencers

Garena usually sends codes to influencers, especially those focused on Free Fire. This is a way adopted by the company to reward streamers who promote the game on channels such as Youtube and Twitch. Streamers provide these codes to players who follow their content in any way they wish. Whether releasing at a certain moment in a video, doing sweepstakes…

So a good way to get valid codes for Free Fire is by following Influencer content! This is the simplest way, and it won't require much effort. After all, while learning or having fun with the influencer's content, you can earn the codes made available by Garena!

2. Official Channels

Another way to get the codes is through Garena's official channels, however, this is a not so effective method. After all, it is not very common for Garena to make codes available on its networks, because it is not in its interest to give desired items, which would make players spend money.

But it's always good to follow up, it's not because it's not often that it doesn't happen! Not to mention that with this, you will always be aware of new partnerships made by the company, for example with Kwai, where those who registered in the app, won diamonds in the account.

Garena's official networks are: Twitter (@FreeFireBR) and Facebook (

3. Purchasing Products from Partners

This is a complicated method, but combined with a situation can be very efficient. Often, as mentioned in the previous topic, Garena forms partnerships with partner companies. A very common partnership to happen is through the purchase of products.

For example, a partnership that Garena has already closed with Samsung, where when you buy A-line smartphones, you get a code to redeem skin on Free Fire. This method requires money, but for example if you are going to buy a cell phone, or someone you know, you can reconcile. So always stay tuned for Garena's networks, after all these promotions are for a limited time!


These are the 3 main ways to get codes made available by Garena to redeem items and diamonds in Free Fire. Although they are not the only methods for example to get diamonds without having to invest money. With these diamonds, you can try to win the items in the game (Guide in the links below!).

Another option, although not as efficient, is to use a code generator and try your luck with them. Anyway, check out the links below for more content related to Free Fire, if you have any comments or corrections, don't forget to comment!

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