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How to save in times of crisis

Knowing the best possible way to make a reservation and save in times of crisis is essential.

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When a country faces an economic crisis, few people are unaffected by the problem, and the entire country has to make a small effort to get its finances back on track. In this case, it is extremely important that people know how to save money to quickly recover from adversity and especially avoid debt.

In addition to looking for discounts (such as Shopee coupons), it takes creativity to maximize savings. But unfortunately, Brazil doesn't have a culture of economic responsibility and many people have to work harder to get economic education and save money. So, if you're one of those people who don't know how to save in a crisis, take a look at the tips below and start raising awareness right away.

Tips on how to save in times of crisis

Economy in times of crisis
Saving coins (Image: Illustrative)

Take advantage of free events

All cities have free events, whether they are visiting parks, exhibitions, craft fairs, seaside walks or even parades. So, understand the situation and participate, with everything free, your budget will thank you very much. Besides, of course, you have good times with people close to you.

Create an accurate shopping list

Whenever you go shopping, check your cupboards and fridge first. 

Check everything that is missing and write it down on your list. Develop this habit to avoid going at the last minute to a nearby grocery store, where prices are often higher. Through this simple measure, you will have good financial results.

Establish a habit of saving

Habit is important so this is what you should focus on during the first few months of saving, it is important to realize that saving a little every day is better than saving a lot once a month. If you intend to take a bus, but go by bus, take the opportunity to save that money. So your mind will get used to it until saving money becomes as common as spending money.

Review your spending

Fully understand your financial situation and analyze the possibilities. See everything that can be reduced and what can be cut. Knowing this is important for anyone ready to start saving, so carefully consider each of your expenses.

Make a plan of how your economy will be

There are no rules on the best way to save money, but… There are many good and effective methods, and the best choice varies according to your economic goals, your personal characteristics and your lifestyle habits. If you often have emergency expenses, create savings for them.

Encourage family savings

Without everyone contributing to this, it is almost impossible to bring the economy to the family. Therefore, it is very important to involve family members in the savings business. So how about starting a shopping list with the help of the family team?

Opt for the cheapest forms of leisure

outdoor swings
Outdoor Balance

Forget the mall as a leisure space! He is actually a temple of consumption, so that's how he should be seen. Of course, if you go to the movies, you end up having to go to the mall, especially with street theaters that are less and less present.

However, to save money, the ideal is to plan a program of free turnstiles or very close to it. Check your city's leisure schedules and check with your local cultural center: you'll find that you can do a lot with very little money.

Reduce what you can!

In your account, some items cannot be cut because they are essential. It includes amounts spent on housing, such as rent or installments, IPTU and apartments. With these payments, you will not be able to move. 

Other household expenses can be reduced. For example, the way electricity and water are consumed can be rationalized. To do so, pay attention to the following items:

  • Prioritize clothes that do not need ironing;
  • Turn off devices completely when not in use and do not leave them in standby mode;
  • Collect a large amount of laundry and program the machine to use cold water and, if necessary, just rinse;
  • Replace the light on during the day with natural brightness;
  • Take a quick shower;
  • Use air conditioners and electric heaters only when you really need them, even for a short time;
  • Use an electric oven to prepare several recipes at the same time.

Review your consumption habits

When thinking about how to save in times of crisis, it is necessary to review old consumption habits. What was once considered indispensable, perhaps can now become an economy?

Good samples of important amounts that can be saved are those spent on services misused. So if you:

  • It added ultra-high-speed broadband and, in practice, it turned out that it does not require so much speed – changing the plan, but rather making quotes between different operators. And insist on offering the biggest advantage at the lowest price;
  • You're paying a lot of money for your phone bill – so choose a budget package and pay close attention to your phone time;
  • Pay to go to the gym, but almost never go – make an exercise plan at home or work out at the nearest park;
  • It has an expensive pay-TV package, but it doesn't make the most of it – cancel the service or choose a more basic package.

Pay attention to the budget

To start savings, you need to do some math, first consider all items, income, whether monthly or occasionally. The next number to discover is the number representing expenses. To understand it accurately, calculate the fixed rate and add it to the variable. 

These values must be noted down or entered into a spreadsheet. In order to have a more effective, flexible and optimized control, it is recommended to use online financial control tools.

Educate yourself in spending money

If you cannot control your spending, then you are unlikely to achieve any goals. Money tracking includes knowing where your money has gone. To do this, you need to list all your expenses for the month so you know where every penny of your money went.

Next month, cut back on expenses you don't need and start saving money for others. If possible, eliminate your debt and avoid interest. Remember the exact amount of each account you have (calculate the interest) and determine which ones you should pay first.

have determination

Determine your goals and objectives, determine in advance how much you will save and how much time you will save. 

The important thing is that there is a finish line on the horizon. To achieve it, set a spending limit and do your best to never go over that limit. So know exactly what you can spend more on and never take money out of savings.

Have your fun moments at home

Instead of going to a bar, restaurant, or other place every weekend, call your friends for a meeting at home. Make sure everyone puts something together, you will find it cheaper and more interesting, the important thing is not the place, but the company, so prioritize people.

Use a manager to your advantage

Finally, there are many tools and platforms to help you manage your finances. They have the function of making all the expense control and debt management work easier. Especially the apps are of great help at this point. They not only can, but really are of total difference to organize your finance.

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