How to win Alok's Virtual Glasses on Free Fire


See now how to redeem Alok's Virtual Glasses, so you can play Free Fire in the greatest possible style! make that monster combination when playing with the character Alok.

Se você é um amante de Free Fire, e do Dj Alok Free Fire, essa é uma oportunidade de ouro, para poder jogar com todo o estilo que o DJ ostenta! A Garena Free Fire juntamente com a grife Chilli Beans teamed up to distribute thousands of in-game glasses starting on the 23rd.

The model chosen was the famous “Alok's Virtual Glasses“, perhaps the most iconic piece of the brand’s new designer collection in partnership with the Dj, called “Alok Tech In Style”. The glasses can be redeemed until the 27th, so don't waste time and redeem it right now, also share this article with your friends so they don't miss this opportunity, which most likely won't come back!

How to redeem free Alok Virtual Glasses

Alok character - image: garena free fire
Alok Character – Image: Garena Free Fire

First of all I need to make it clear here that to get your glasses, it's totally free. But you have to go to a physical store to do the process! Be careful when you go out, preferably accompanied by a greater responsible, taking all the care against covid! That said, let's go step by step:

Step 1. Go to a Chilli Beans physical store in your city, if you don't know if there is a store in the city where you live, then just use the store locator from Chilli Beans itself. In it, just search by zip code, or add the State and City, and finally click on “Search Stores”.

Step 2. Inside the Store, look for the promotional QR Code, if you can't find it, then ask a professional who works in the store.

Step 3. Register on the page that opens when you scan the QR Code with your cell phone camera.

Step 4. Once registered, check the required code with a seller.

Step 5. The code will be sent to you by email. With this code, you will be able to remove your Alok Virtual Glasses in the Free Fire lobby.

“Alok Tech In Style is a collection not only inspired by the world of games, but made for it. At Chilli Beans, we follow market movements and trends, and we understand that games have their own universe, very vast, and still little explored. This partnership is a symbol of a new moment for the brand, in which we decided to take our pieces beyond physical stores, entering the reality of games and presenting players with the virtual model”

Caito Maia, founder and CEO of Chilli Beans.

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