Akatsuki Rings: Know the Meaning of Each One

Discover the meaning of the ring worn by each Akatsuki member


In the world of Naruto, a renegade ninja group called Akatsuki, have a different artifact, and that's their rings! That's right, the famous akatsuki rings. Each member has one and where each has a different meaning! So, in case you don't know what the meaning is, don't worry, as I'm going to talk about each ring of Akatsuki's core members.

Therefore, now you will know what each ring of the members is about, and their respective meanings within the work. After all, they end up having a real meaning, no wonder every Akatsuki member had to wear the rings.

Meet the Akatsuki rings!

As mentioned above, every member of each different village has a certain Ring upon joining the Akatsuki group. But, during the work it was not mentioned much, or you didn't notice, so I will detail here for you which rings were worn by each member and their meanings. In addition, each of these rings has a different meaning. The finger on which it is attached to the user, member of the organization, is associated according to the position of each member in the organization.

Pain – “Zero” (零, king)

Photo/reproduction: pain | anime naruto.
Photo/Reproduction: Pain | Anime Naruto.
  • Position: Organization Leader
  • Number: 0
  • Kanji: King
  • Meaning: Zero
  • God: none
  • Origin: Ame (Rain)
  • His ring was worn on his right thumb.

Itachi – “Scarlet” (朱, shu)

Photo/reproduction: itachi | anime naruto.
Photo/Reproduction: Itachi | Anime Naruto.
  • Number: 3
  • Kanji: Shu
  • Meaning: Red
  • God: Suzaku
  • God of the South of Summer
  • Ruled by the Southern Red Phoenix
  • Origin: Konoha (Leaf)
  • Her ring was worn on her right ring finger.

Sasori/Tobi – “Jewel” (玉, gyoku)

Photo/reproduction: tobi | anime naruto.
Photo/Reproduction: Tobi | Anime Naruto.
  • Number: 9
  • Kanji: Tama
  • Meaning: Sphere
  • God: Gyokunyo
  • the virgin
  • Nymph
  • Origin: Sasori⇨Suna (Sand)
  • Origin: “Tobi”⇨Konoha (Leaf)
  • His ring was worn on his left thumb.

Hidan – “Three” (三, san)

Photo/Reproduction: hidan | anime naruto.
Photo/Reproduction: Hidan | Anime Naruto.
  • Number: 8
  • Kanji: San
  • Meaning: three
  • God: Santa
  • the three levels
  • Ruled by Asterism of the Constellation Ursa Major
  • Origin: Yuga (Hot Springs)
  • His ring was worn on his left index finger.

Konan – “White” (白, bya)

Photo/reproduction: konan | anime naruto.
Photo/Reproduction: Konan | Anime Naruto.
  • Number 2
  • Kanji: Haku
  • Meaning: White
  • God: Byakko
  • God of the West and Autumn
  • Ruled by the White Tiger of the West
  • Origin: Ame (Rain)
  • Her ring was worn on her right middle finger.

Kisame – “South” (南, nan)

Photo/reproduction: kisame | anime naruto.
Photo/Reproduction: Kisame | Anime Naruto.
  • Number: 6
  • Kanji: Nan
  • Meaning: South
  • God: Nanju
  • southernmost star
  • Rigid by Asterism of the constellation of Sagittarius
  • Origin: Kiri (Mist)
  • Her ring was worn on her left ring finger.

Zetsu – “Boar sign” (亥, gai)

Photo/reproduction: zetsu | anime naruto.
Photo/Reproduction: Zetsu | Anime Naruto.
  • Number 4
  • Kanji: Kai
  • Meaning: Boar
  • God: Genbu
  • Northern God of Winter
  • Ruled by Black Turtle
  • Origin: unknown
  • Her ring was worn on her right little finger.

Orochimaru – “Sky”, “empty” (空, kū)

Photo/reproduction: orochimaru | anime naruto.
Photo/Reproduction: Orochimaru | Anime Naruto.
  • Number 5
  • Meaning: Heaven
  • Kanji: Kuu (Sora)
  • God: Kuuchin
  • Vacuum
  • Ruled by the Polar Star
  • Origin: Konoha (Leaf)
  • Her ring was worn on her left little finger.

Deidara – “Blue” (青, ao, shō)

Photo/reproduction: deidara | anime naruto.
Photo/Reproduction: Deidara | Anime Naruto.
  • Number 1
  • Kanji: I know
  • Meaning: Blue/Green
  • God: Seiryuu
  • Eastern God of Spring
  • Ruled by the Dragon of the East
  • Origin: Iwa (Stone)
  • His ring was worn on his right index finger.

Kakuzu – “North” (北, hoku)

Photo/Reproduction: kakuzu | anime naruto.
Photo/Reproduction: Kakuzu | Anime Naruto.
  • Number: 7
  • Kanji: Kita
  • Meaning: North
  • God: Hokuto
  • northernmost star
  • Ruled by Ursa Major
  • Origin: Ame (Rain)
  • His ring was worn on his left middle finger.

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