Meet All Akatsuki Members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas.


In the world of Naruto, we had several powerful and striking enemies. But, were any of them more remarkable than the Akatsuki Members?! Probably not, since they were the most feared enemies for a long time, since before the Ōtsutsuki appear in the work. But nothing beats the imposed fear and all the tension that there was just hearing the name Akatsuki.

However, it's quite understandable, after all the Akatsuki members were the strongest renegade ninjas in the shinobi world, in Naruto. Powerful enough people, where it only took two people to face a Jinchuuriki (host of a tailed Bijuu). So, just imagining the power of each of these Akatsuki members gives you an idea of how dangerous they were.

Ou seja, agora eu vou listar abaixo todos os membros que já passaram e usaram o manto da Akatsuki. O famoso manto da lua vermelha carmesim, cujo onde passava, deixava sua marca e mostrando o poder daqueles que desafiaram a tudo e todos, tudo em busca de um objetivo, a junção das 9 besta de cauda.

All Akatsuki Members!

But, before continuing below, understand that it will contain spoilers for the history of the world of Naruto! That is, following is at your own risk, if you have not finished watching the anime, or reading the manga.


Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - nagato
Photo/Reproduction: Nagato | Anime Naruto.

Possessor of the Rinnegan and belonging to the iconic Uzumaki clan. Nagato won everyone's hearts after discovering his story, the classic enemy turned friend? Well, having a lot in common with the anime's protagonist, Naruto. In other words, his level of strength would be nothing less than similar, after all we are talking about the Akatsuki rain boss, the leader and who controls "Pain" remotely with his vast amount of chakra due to his Uzumaki lineage. Nagato caused terror both by attacking the village of Konoha, and also showed that his power of all his paths which were separated into different bodies called "Pain", is just as frightening, and that if Itachi hadn't incapacitated him in the war, he would be an enemy. extremely problematic.


Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - conan
Photo/Reproduction: Konan | Anime Naruto.

A loyal follower of Nagato, always there to protect him, she acted as a guardian angel to the infamous Akatsuki leader. But, it undeniably gains its prominence with its tremendous power. Whoever underestimated this woman, was literally devastated in her fight against Tobi (Obito), where we got to literally see a show of explosions (Deidara would be jealous here). With a technique where she can manipulate papers with her chakra, she literally became a paper angel, being able to fly, attack, defend herself, an ability so versatile, where if it wasn't for Izanagi, she would have killed Tobi, which would end up with much of the story, since we know where that ends up. So for sure, Konan is a special highlight here in the list of all Akatsuki members.

Itachi Uchiha

Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - Itachi Uchiha
Photo/Reproduction: Itachi Uchiha | Anime Naruto.

Now a character full of hate and love. Itachi was a very hated character at first, but very striking, where his presence left a heavy air in the plot. Due to brutally signing his entire clan, leading to extermination and then ending up in the most dangerous group in the ninja world, Akatsuki. This made us look at him crookedly, but that all changed when we see his story from beginning to end, which made him one of the most beloved characters in the entire work, in addition, he was very strong, and we know that only died due to his illness, and of course, the plot of the story needed this milestone for Sasuke to receive more prominence.


Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - tobi
Photo/Reproduction: Tobi | Anime Naruto.

Here we thought we had the most two-faced character there is. Tobi, or Obito, as revealed later in the anime/manga, is a descendant of the Uchiha clan, who was saved by Madara, but who at the same time was manipulated, causing his mind to be broken. So, after seeing the beloved woman being killed by the hands of his best friend and rival (kakashi) at this moment a "Madara" is born where he acts behind the shadows in Akatsuki, and manipulated Nagato, making him believe in a false path to peace.


Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - zetsu
Photo/Reproduction: Zetsu | Anime Naruto.

Now speaking of a two-faced character, this one literally wins. Possessing two faces, one being the white Zetsu and the other black Zetsu, this is one of the most enigmatic members of Akatsuki! This is due to the fact where they acted behind something much bigger. So, just so you understand, Madara manipulated Obito, and Obito manipulated Nagato, and in the end, who manipulated them all was none other than Black Zetsu, all for the sake of reviving his mother, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki.


Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - deidara
Photo/Reproduction: Deidara | Anime Naruto.

Deidara was that classic character who held a certain grudge, more specifically for Itachi, being a member of the Uchiha clan. Such a complaint is due to the fact that Itachi has defeated Deidara's art, which he thought was invincible, and as he himself says, "Art is an explosion". In addition, a very striking point in Deidara's life in the work, was his final moment, where we see him literally blow up an area of 10KM! That is, the same really made one of the most beautiful art. (At least for himself, since art is a blast!)


Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - sasori
Photo/Reproduction: Sasori | Anime Naruto.

Coming from the Sand Village, and being a very malleable and mysterious character, Sasori is the first enemy to be defeated of the Akatsuki members. But, don't think that this makes him weak, on the contrary, he is extremely strong and intelligent, which has even gone so far as to modify his 100% body into a puppet, and all that by himself. That is, a character that had a lot to be shown, and that we were able to see a little of him in the ninja war, and to know a little about this character whose even being from the enemy group, we managed to sympathize a little with his history and reason for his death. .


Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - orochimaru
Photo/Reproduction: Orochimaru | Anime Naruto.

The traitor and feared Orochimaru, one of the most enigmatic and mysterious ninjas, whose only purpose is important, and obsessed with studies and scientific experiments, modifying even his own body with forbidden Justus! He was quite hated in the plot, both by characters in the work, and outside, as his means to achieve his goals no matter what they were, he would do it and go after it, even if it means attacking the village where he was raised and killing the old master. of him, the third being Hogake, Hiruzen Sarutobi.


Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - hydan
Photo/Reproduction: Hidan | Anime Naruto.

Have you ever tried to fight an immortal being?! Just imagining the difficulty of that makes you shudder, doesn't it? Because that's what Hidan is about, a character whose was important in the story and who took with him a remarkable character, being Assuma Sarutobi. Sensei from the Ino-Shika-Cho group, and influencer for Naturo to learn a little about the wind element. Hidan was defeated by Shikamaru, who managed to avenge his master, mentor and undoubtedly friends. His quick and striking presence left a lot of consequences in the plot.


Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - kakuzu
Photo/Reproduction: Kakuzu | Anime Naruto.

As probably the oldest member of Akatsuki, Kakuzu is certainly an enemy to be feared. Just to get an idea of his strength, he even fought the first Hokage several times. That is, an enemy that hit the dirty man head on was declared the Shinobi God, surely he is someone to be feared. It has about 5 hearts, that is, to die you will have to kill it 5 times. But here's the thing, not everyone can do it. In addition, thanks to this character, we can see the feat of one of the strongest jutsu in the series, whose Naruto improved, and who managed to defeat Hidan with this Jutsu, being the famous Wind Style - Rasen Shuriken!

Kisame Hoshigaki

Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - kisame hoshigaki
Photo/Reproduction: Kisame Hoshigaki | Anime Naruto.

When we talk about Kisame, we have a renegade ninja who messed up a lot during his journey in 'Naruto'. Being one of the recent 7 swordsmen, Kisame was wielder of the Samehada sword! One of the 7 legendary swords, whose function can literally "eat" the enemy's chakra. His first appearance was during "Classic Naruto", where we see him stealing Naruto's chakra at a young age in an attempt to save Sasuke. Also, delving deeper into the story, we can see how dangerous, strong and patient Kisame was. After all, he is the being who is considered a "tailless beast", but not because he possesses a chakra beast, or possesses a gigantic chakra reserve. And yes, because his strength equals one, and his transformation into a shark specimen in the water, leaves him practically invincible in his territory.

Jūzō Biwa

Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - biwa judgment
Photo/Reproduction: Jūzō Biwa | Anime Naruto.

Here we have another remnant of the 7 Mist Swordsmen! Furthermore, his first partner was Itachi Uchiha. When he became a Swordsman of the Mist, Jūzō received the sword, whose name is Kubikiribōchō, (also used by Zabuza) and used it several times! By killing several ninjas, he came to consider her his only friend, and because of the killing he made, he became very famous. The same came to be part of the Akatsuki members when in the Third Ninja War, the Swordsmen of the Mist approached a group of Genin (Might Guy, Ebisu and Genma). The Swordsmen, by then, would kill them! But, Might Duy appears, interrupting them, who protected the Genin by opening the Eight Gates, causing his death and that of several Mist Swordsmen, who were formerly 7, and after the attack, 3 survived. Jūzō survived this event, along with Raiga and Fuguki.

The reason for his death was when he and Itachi had the mission to enter the country of Water. After an intense battle, where he received a Tailed Beast Ball, and defending himself with his sword, where it broke and turned against himself. Also, in his final moments after the battle against the Mizukage Yagura. Jūzō talks to Itachi, and says he thought his sword was his only partner, and after saying that, falls dead to the ground.


Did you think it was over? Well, after the fight between Sasuke and Itachi, where the result of the battle was Sasuke's victory with his brother's death. After the whole plot, with Sasuke's mangekyou sharingan awakening, soon after with the group and Taka. Both entered Akatsuki, and soon after went after none other than Killer Bee! Where we had a splendid fight. That is, during a period, the Taka group belonged to Akatsuki, and its members consisted of Sasuke as leader, Karin Uzumaki, Suigetsu Hozuki and Jugo.

Sasuke Uchiha

Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - Sasuke Uchiha
Photo/Reproduction: Sasuke Uchiha | Anime Naruto.

When we talk about the Uchiha clan, it's impossible not to remember Sasuke. After all, for a long time he was the only survivor of the clan, and also Naruto's rival. In addition, he is also considered as well as Naruto, one of the strongest ninjas in the Shinobi world.

Karin Uzumaki

Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - karin uzumaki
Photo/Reproduction: Karin Uzumaki | Anime Naruto.

Like Naruto, Karin is also a descendant of the Uzumaki clan. But, she was under the care of Orochimaru, when rescued by Sasuke, where he followed and being a member of the Taka group. In addition, Karin also nurtured, like Sakura, a love for Sasuke, and also ends up suffering the consequences of loving someone as such. Proof of this was when she was pierced by Sasuke's chidori in the fight against Danzou.

Suigetsu Hozuki

Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - suigetsu hozuki
Photo/Reproduction: Suigetsu Hozuki | Anime Naruto.

Here we have a somewhat comical character, but very strong. With his body being practically water, in addition to also being the bearer of the Kubikiribōchō (for a period). Like Karin, Suigetsu was under 'care' by Orochimaru, where he was also rescued by Sasuke, and following him, being another member of the Taka group.


Meet all the akatsuki members! Group made up of missing-nin ninjas. - yoke
Photo/Reproduction: Jugo | Anime Naruto.

Finally Jugo, Sasuke's most loyal follower. In addition to also possessing tremendous power due to his curse mark. With Orochimaru's experiments, Jugo has become someone very strong, but he can't control himself, due to losing consciousness so to speak. We can compare when Naruto lost control of Kurama, and was taken over by pure instinct and destroying everything and everyone around. Upon joining the Taka group, Jugo shows more loyalty and concern for Sasuke than anyone else, all in gratitude for Sasuke helping him.

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