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Nintendo Switch – More than 55 million units sold

Nintendo Switch has sold over 55.77 million units worldwide! And just like more than 356.24 million games sold.

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Nintendo's latest console has been conquering the public's taste and thus also gaining market share. Even just in the first quarter of 2020 to have an idea, about 3.29 million units were sold. The Nintendo Switch which is considered as one of the main Gadgets of the decade (Gadgets – Top 10 list of the decade), with such sales, it has already surpassed two of its predecessors together, the Nintendo 64 and the Game Cube. Although he does not lead the company's sales team, he has been gaining ground.

However, one of the factors that may have influenced the numbers is the recent successful launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game already has more than 13 million units sold, since more than 11 million were in its first two weeks of release.

One of the indicators of the increase in sales is the social isolation caused by the pandemic, where there was a large increase in the consumption of games, a way of entertainment and thus spending time at home. Likewise, it is the isolation that makes Nintendo predict an even greater increase for the next quarter.

Some data about the Switch

The Nintendo Switch launch was still in 2017, already in its first week, although it had some problems, it managed to sell more than 1.5 million units, surpassing the launch of the Wii U and even the Nintendo 3DS.

Since its launch accounting for more than 55 million units sold, the Nintendo Switch becomes the 3rd best-selling console in the company's history. The console is behind only the Wii, and Nintendo (NES), however Wii has twice the sales of Switch.

Animal Crossing became the biggest debut of the Nintendo Switch, but its placement in overall sales puts it in the 6th position, which is a great achievement since it competes with games with more time on the market. Anyway, check out the table below with the 5 best-selling games on the console, and the Animal Crossing in 6th place:

1stMario Kart 8 Deluxe24.77 million
2ndSuper Smash Bros. ultimate18.84 million
3rdThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild17.41 million
4thSuper Mario Odyssey17.41 million
5thPokemon Sword & Shield17.37 million
6thAnimal Crossing: New Horizons11.77 million

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