How to get Infinite Money in PK XD

3 Methods on How to Get Infinite Money in PK XD! Proven and effective methods.


Open world games become a real trend, a great example is the GTA franchise, and this also goes for the mobile world! An open world game that has been growing a lot lately in the mobile gaming universe is PK XD! With that in mind, we created this guide to teach you how to infinite money in PK XD!

Se trata de métodos oficiais dentro do jogo para conseguir o máximo possível de dinheiro no PK XD, método utilizando aplicativos para conseguir saldo / Gift Card na Google Play, e por fim, uma versão modificada, um PK XD apk mod com dinheiro infinito e livre de anúncios!

What is PK XD?

PK XD – Official Trailer

Imagine being in a world where you have the freedom to do whatever you want, without any limits? You can create your character, customize it in different ways, create houses and take care of virtual pets, and best of all, online and multiplayer, being able to play with your friends! Who doesn't want a game like that?

And that's exactly what PK XD offers its players. With over 10 million downloads on the Play Store, and thousands of other downloads on the Apple app store.

Create and customize your character

In this game you can be exactly whoever you want, creating your custom character the way you want. In it you can be from a zombie, even a dragon! The only limit in PK XD is your imagination.

Build your own house and visit friends

Have a dream house? A specific decoration, a color of the walls… put your creativity to use and build your own house inside PK XD. In the decoration you will have a wide variety of products to use as you wish, from lava lamps, to cloud cushions, fireplace, etc.

In PK XD you can visit a wide variety of houses, so if you have no idea what house to build and are looking for inspiration, within the game you will find excellent house models.

Chat with others and challenge friends in Minigames

Make friends inside PK XD! You know the game is good when within it you can meet new people, interact with them and add to be able to play together at another time. You can thus add new friends, challenge them in fun minigames!

Easy controls and good 3D graphics

As it is an exclusive game for smartphones, it is crucial that its gameplay is not too complex, due to the limitation. But PK XD has an easy and intuitive gameplay, you won't have any difficulties to control your character around the map with good graphics.

Not too heavy to make playing on older phones unfeasible, but not too weak to disappoint as a more current game.

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How to get infinite money in PK XD?

Pk xd infinite coins and gems
Money (coins) and Infinite Gems in PK XD

Now that you know all the advantages of the game, as mentioned above, you need to maximize them! Everything in the game can be customized, however, it is often necessary to use in-game money to make changes, and sometimes even gems.

Só de ficar dentro do jogo você já ganha moedas, fazendo mini games mais ainda, entretanto, existem 3 métodos que irei ensinar agora para como ganhar dinheiro infinito no PK XD e gemas! Vamos ao primeiro método.

Method 1: In-Game

Within the game there are ways to get coins, as said, just having the game open, you will earn coins, just pay attention to the notification, it will often notify you which coins have been won. However, this passive gain is often not enough, see below for ways to maximize in-game coins.

Get Daily Rewards

pk xd daily rewards collection
PK XD Daily Rewards Collection

No matter how small the quantity, it is little by little that you achieve a lot! Don't forget to collect the daily rewards in PK XD. Even if you don't feel like playing, or can't, join the game even if it's just to collect the daily reward.

Mainly because by collecting the reward for 5 days the player will receive a Surprise Box, in which you will earn coins, tickets and have a chance to win free gems! So there's no reason to neglect daily rewards in PK XD.

Complete Minigames

The most common way to get free gems and coins in PK XD is by completing minigames. This is even the most fun way to earn gems and coins in PK XD, after all, you'll be playing, having fun, and maybe even playing with your friends!

Every 5 minigames completed, you receive a Surprise Box, and in the same way as the daily reward, in this box it is possible to win coins, tickets and even gems. To access the minigames, just go to the city, and look for the “Arcade” building.

Collect Fruits (Minigame)

This is another mini game, but it is not in the Arcade building, it consists of collecting fruits in the juice shop. In the same way, every 5 times you complete the mini game, you will win a Surprise Box, which can reward you with coins, Tickets and chances of getting gems.

Exploring the Map

Surprise box scattered across the map in pk xd
Surprise Box scatters on the Map – PK XD

Surprise Boxes are scattered all over the PK XD map, so whenever you're moving from one place to another, pay close attention to your surroundings. They can be in the most varied places, floating high, hidden behind houses, trees, etc.

You can even find some boxes, but you won't be able to get them at first, after all, it may be necessary, for example, to buy the ability to jump higher with coins. But it's worth! After all, by exploring the map, you will even earn PK XD achievements!

Watch the Announcements!

Finally the ads, there's no escaping them! It is often through ads that developers can make money, so it creates rewards for those who watch them. Seeing ads all the time is boring and very repetitive, after all, you will have to stop the game to see ads sometimes for about 30 seconds.

But some ads can be worth the time, an example is the ad that appears in the daily rewards collection, which gives the player 2 free gems! As it's an ad that will only be seen once a day, it's okay, there are some other ads during the game that can be advantageous, but it's up to the player and their willingness to watch them.

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Method 2: Balance Applications

Having infinite money in PK XD is not a very difficult task, but it takes some dedication from the player to achieve this feat! At least in methods 1 and 2, but the reward is sure to come! The second method to have infinite money in PK XD and infinite gems is through apps that give balance, or gift card to redeem in the Play Store!

By performing certain tasks, some applications give balance to their users, with which you can purchase gems and/or coins in PK XD's own store. Below is a small example of applications that perform these tasks:

CashPirate App

cashpirate app
CashPirate App

There are several apps that reward their users with balance or money, for example Kwai and TikTok, but one of the best options is CashPirate! With him, having infinite money in PK XD is no longer just a dream!

CashPirate is complete and rewards players in a variety of ways, including downloading recommended apps, watching videos, completing tasks and playing games. However, the best way to get a balance with CashPirate is through the affiliate system.

If you join CashPirate using an affiliate link, you will automatically earn 500 points from the app (equivalent to US $0.50). By inviting friends to the app, you also receive a percentage of the friends' earnings.

To withdraw cash from CashPirate, you must accumulate the minimum amount of 2500 points. Withdrawal is done through PayPal. Unfortunately CashPirate is not available for iOS, only for android.

Make Money App

make money app
Make Money app

Another app option to have infinite money in PK XD is Make Money, with the name already indicating its purpose, to make money! It is very similar to CashPirate, from the system of earning points for entering the app to the ways in which you obtain points within the app to exchange for cash on PayPal.

In Make Money you'll perform various tasks, each one rewarding you with different amounts of points from the app. Just for installing and logging in to Make Money you get 30 points, and every day you get 20 points in the daily collection.

The activities that give users points range from watching videos inside the app, to playing some games, testing apps, and giving opinions. Make Money is available for systems iOS is for android to be downloaded for free.

App Game

gamee app
gamee app

And to finish off the list of apps to get infinite money on PK XD we have the Gamee app. In it you receive points for playing, completing the application's missions, inviting friends, and through roulette sweepstakes.

At Gamee you get some tickets, which can be used in a kind of game lottery, where you can win cash prizes, which can exceed more than 100 dollars! Similar to what happens in the Big Time app.

Gamee is available for free download on smartphones with the operating system android and iOS

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Method 3: MOD PK XD APK (v0.58.1) Infinite Money and Infinite Gems

However, among all 3 methods listed here to get infinite money in PK XD, none can beat the method through APK MOD! After all, in PK XD Modified APK, no effort that needs to be applied in the above methods is needed, as everything in the game will come unlocked at once!

PK XD will come with infinite money, infinite gems, no ads, all you have to do in this menu mod is download, install, and have fun doing everything the game can give you! You can download it by clicking the button below:

But remembering, that this option to have infinite money in PK XD is only valid for players who use Android on their cell phones! In addition, permission is required to install apps from outside the Google Play Store! In this article you will see all the necessary information about the Installing APK's on Android.

PK XD Infinite Money APK MOD is safe?

Yes, the PK XD MOD APK is completely safe, however, beware of installations made on your smartphone from unknown sources!

PK XD Infinite Money APK MOD is up to date?

Yea! We found the latest version of PK XD APK MOD (v0.58.1) to add in this article. However, it may happen that as soon as a new version is published, a new version will be released. As soon as a new one is released the apk in this article will be updated. We also rely on your comments to keep this article updated!

PK XD Infinite Money APK MOD has it all released?

In the APK MOD (v0.58.1) of PK XD you will have everything free, no ads, infinite money and gems. So just download and start having fun with your friends!

Anyway, these are the 3 best methods to get infinite money in PK XD! See other very effective methods also taught on the Arsenal Apps website, about How to earn Free Gems in PK XD.

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