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REVEALED: Learn Right Now How to Withdraw the New FGTS

Without much complication, withdrawal is simple and can be done via cell phone

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Oops, how are you? Well, I hope so. As we all already know, the world is going through a Pandemic that is consequently making several countries in the world go through financial and health crises. And that's precisely why Brazil decided to advance the withdrawal of the new FGTS and in this article I will teach you how to withdraw it.

To try to soften the impacts of this Pandemic, Brazil and some other countries are releasing resources for the population to buy necessary everyday items.

As an example of these resources, we have the Emergency Aid, but we will not talk about emergency aid in this article, but the advance of the new FGTS.

This time the value regarding how to withdraw the new FGTS.

What is FGTS?

The FGTS means “Service Time Guarantee Fund”, that is, it aims to protect the worker who is fired from a particular job without just cause.

Who is entitled to FGTS? Well, I will list below all that are entitled.

  • Professional athletes (such as football players)
  • Rural workers.
  • Workers governed by the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws)
  • Temporary (urban workers hired by a company to provide services for a certain period)
  • Intermittent workers.
  • Single workers (those who provide services to numerous companies, but are hired by a union and, therefore, have no employment relationship, such as stevedores)
  • Domestic workers (mandatory since 10/1/2015)
  • Safreiros (rural workers who work only during the harvest period)…

After all, how will I withdraw the New FGTS?

It has not yet been confirmed how the withdrawal of this new FGTS will be, but if it follows the pattern of the last time, it will be as follows:

You will have to access the FGTS app and check the amounts already released, you can usually download this app from your smartphone's app store. Remembering that you will have to indicate an account in the application of any bank and that you own.

You will be able to do this 100% digital and from June 15th, which is the date of withdrawal of the new FGTS.

3 Things You Shouldn't Do With FGTS Money

In order to try to help you not get into debt in this Pandemic, I will list 3 things you can leave to do at another opportunity, such as when it's all over and you have a stable job.

The value of this money will be up to a minimum wage which is R$1,045.00.

1: Stop Paying Debts - How to Withdraw New FGTS

As soon as you have this money in hand, try to look at your debts and settle them soon. By doing this you will automatically keep your name clean in the market and be able to use it in the future.

If your debt is on your credit card, that's where you should pay it. Because if you run an interest you will come across an unprecedented snowball.

2: Buying Unnecessary Things

We usually always fall into temptation when we see something on sale and that's where the danger lies. If in normal times it is very likely that we will go into debt buying unnecessary things, can you imagine now that we are going through a pandemic? Yeah, have you ever thought about getting into debt and then losing your job because of the Pandemic? It really is a danger.

3: Create an Expense Control Worksheet

If you are going to set up a spreadsheet of financial expenses with the FGTS, it is because you already know how to withdraw it and you already have this money in hand.

One of the best alternatives you can take is to make a spreadsheet with things you need to have at home and what are those things? We have as an example things from the supermarket, fairground, food, items for cleaning the house and etc… Spend your money only on these items.

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