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How to get diamond codes, skins, and various items on Free Fire? All Free Fire users have been asking this question, as many have spent their savings to get diamonds and in-game items. However, did you know that there are methods fully accepted by Garena for the redemption of codiguin in Free Fire. Also, through these methods you will not take any risk on your account. That's why, we from News Geek together with partner companies we released some codiguin to the rescue.

Pela sua grande fama, o Free Fire tem uma grande variedade de itens e skins raros, que são bastante desejados pelos seus usuários. Dessa forma, muitos usuários passaram a gastar suas economias para adquirirem tais itens. Por isso criamos esse artigo para lhe ajudar a conseguir esse códigos. Sem mais delongas veja a seguir os métodos. Saiba como fazer recarga jogo.

1st Method: Gift Card on Google Play and AppStore.

Get codes in free fire- app kwai
Illustrative Image – Kwai

First of all, we have two ways to get Gift Card on Google Play and Gift Card on AppStore. After all, this method became known to Free Fire users. The first is, getting a Gift Card is using apps, and then exchanging it for diamonds in Free Fire. After all, these apps pay the user after completing some tasks, such as daily checkin, watching videos, playing games, answering questions, etc. The second means is through Gift Card code to use on Google Play or AppStore.

Apps for balance on Google Play and AppStore

We've separated the two best apps for this purpose. The first app is Kwai, we've used it and confirmed that it really works, and it's already quite popular. It's a video platform, and it's available for Android and IOS. Thus, you can accumulate balance by watching videos, inviting friends, playing games and so on. As well, the app periodically launches campaigns, Kwai Bonus, to motivate users to invite friends. Kwai is very fun and simple, moreover, it pays users correctly and the balance can be withdrawn after anytime. Here's the download link:

After Downloading, use the following Invitation Code to start with in-app balance: 246 982 628

Gift card using google opinions
Illustrative Image – Google Opinions Rewards

In this sense, the second application that we indicate is the Google Opinion Rewards, which in turn accumulates balance by answering questions. Occasionally, you receive surveys based on your opinion, answer the questions and open the app daily, you will be able to accumulate balance and then be redeemed. So too, the PiniOn for IOS, get balance by performing missions. Anyway, below are the download links:

Well, if you want more options for applications that accumulate balance, see the TOP 5 APPS TO GET DIAMONDS IN FREE FIRE.

Google Play Gift Card Codes

It is possible to buy Gift Card in several stores, but it is also possible to buy online. However, we, together with partner companies, have separated some codes for you, as previously informed. The following are Gift Card codes to be used on Google Play, check it out!

  • GWUK - 6N28 - RFY6 - FLS2
  • H8J1 - RHJO - 8PSI - MHWU
  • FT02 - XC18 - BMLP - OSEL
  • 7RUU - 6VTE - MIQB - 4VOR
  • HK46 - Q4NM - K4KN - 54PE

More Codes

Gift Card AppStore Codes

The following are Gift Card codes to be used on the AppStore, check it out!

  • R8X4Q745V5WET79Z
  • YD8K83YZKTWQR464

More Codes

2nd Method: Redeem codes in Rewards FF

The second method, and probably the best known by Free Fire players, is the redemption of codes via the Reward FF. In this way the Reward Redemption Site, is Garena's official website for redeeming codes on Free Fire. Codes are occasionally made available by Booyah, Garena's streaming platform. In addition, it also provides codes for Garena influencers, and for partner companies such as SmileOne and GGCredits.

go to the website Reward FF, and follow the steps below to redeem codes:

1st : Login with Facebook account, Google account, Apple, Twitter and others.

2nd : Enter the code that contains 12 characters with uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

3rd : Rewards will be automatically added to the game. You will see it in the mailbox or in the safe.

4th : The redemption is valid, be aware of its date. Expired codes cannot be redeemed.

Very simple, right? See below the codiguin that we provide for you to be able to rescue, check it out!

Reward FF codes:

  • F29X03SHBJO2
  • 46NUM3SBH9FA
  • ADD2BX0I5ZX5

More Codes

3rd Method: Free Fire Game Reload

This method is not very well known, but it is another Garena website that can redeem codes, Recarga Jogo. At first it is possible to buy diamonds, with great promotions for the acquisition of the item, it can vary from 10% to 110%. That is, it is possible to redeem more than double the acquisition. As well, it is possible to rescue the pin code of E-prepag. If you don't know, E-prepag is a virtual currency, which makes payment for the purchase of credits in games, without waiting for bank deadlines. Such as, Free Fire, Minecraft, League of Legends among others.

go to the website reload game, and follow the steps below to redeem codes:

1st: Select the game, Free Fire.

2nd : Log in by Gamer ID or Facebook.

3rd : Select the payment method, if E-Prepag. But you can choose other payment methods.

4th : Add promotional code or Pin Code, for Diamond Bonus in the specified field.

5th : Continue with payment to complete the transaction.

Very easy isn't it. Below we release some codes for redemption on Recarga Jogo, as promised!

Game Reload Codes:

  • 76634903551745081661
  • 40974784264110161540
  • 01794600581221714641
  • 62546276389802225479
  • 09162474034756349040

Well, we at NewsGeek hope you enjoyed this article. Now you know the 3 methods for redeeming codiguin in Free Fire. Remembering that all these methods are accepted by the developer Garena, so you don't have to worry. The codes in this article will be updated regularly. Finally, I ask you to share this article with your friends who play Free Fire, and get several items, big hug!

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