Stumble Guys: How to Get Infinite Gems, Stumble Tokens and Free Skins

Learn how to get all the skins in the game, and how to have infinite gems to buy the new skins that will arrive in the game!


Stumble Guys is an adventure game multiplayer super addictive that has been conquering a legion of fans! And it's not for little, after all the game is super fun, pleasant to play with friends, providing wonderful moments! And best of all, the game is free!

But, like every free game, it has some things that need money to get, such as gems and skins. After all, this is how the developer manages to fund the team and keep the game with updates and running!

However, it is not always necessary to shell out to get the much-desired skins and emotes in the game. There are ways to get them without putting your account at risk, and totally free, just taking a little time!

How Stumble Guys works

Stumble guys, new racing game "battle royale"
Stumble Guys – Image: Reproduction

Stumble Guys is a game that can be compared to the famous (in Brazil) Faustão's Olympics. However, to make the game more fun, you will compete with 32 other players, thus making the game a kind of battle royale for scavenger hunt smartphone.

The gameplay is simple, but it still delivers fun moments for those who play! In the game, the player needs to cross an entire track full of obstacles and reach the end of it. Obstacles can either trap you, make you go back or fall off the platform. With that you lose time, which is crucial in this game.

At each 'phase', a certain amount of players is eliminated, so the game can be considered a game of the genre battle royale. As the stages progress, more players are eliminated until reaching the big winner.

To make it even more fun, Stumble Guys has a series of skins and emotes. One more fun than the other, which makes racing fun, in addition to being a full plate for those who like to collect all the items present in games!

How to get free infinite gems and stumble tokens at Stumble Guys

Gems and Tokens stumble stumble guys
Stumble Stumble Guys Gems and Tokens

But what if I told you that you can get all Stumble Guys skins, stumble tokens, and infinite gems for free? And the best, without putting your account at risk of ban or any kind of penalty? That's right, it's a totally safe method!

And the process is simpler than many can imagine, however, not everything comes for free, which makes you need to dedicate a certain time of your day to get a balance, and with that balance, make the purchase of gems in the game !

Below are three apps that are great for getting some change and then buying gems at Stumble Guys. And there's nothing like popular apps like Kwai or TikTok! And yes, 3 more efficient apps yet! But they are little known! See what they are below:

CashApp App

Cashapp - earn money by playing games, surveys and watching videos.
CashApp – Earn money by playing games, surveys and watching videos.

The first app to get balance to buy gems, and unlock all skins in Stumble Guys is the CashApp! But not to be confused with Cash App which is a digital wallet app. So to make it easier, and you don't run the risk of downloading the wrong one, I'll leave the link to download it here below:

This one is unfortunately only available for Android, however, if you have a computer, you can use it in an Android emulator! With that, anyone who has an iPhone is not left out! See here the best android emulators to play on PC.

In the CashApp application you get balance in the known ways, answering surveys, playing games and watching videos, so you can choose the best way, or the one that is least boring for you. When performing the activities you receive credits, which accumulated are redeemed in dollars!

Everything done in the app gives credits to the user, but to withdraw credits it is necessary to accumulate a minimum amount beforehand, so be aware of that! The app has a good rating on the Google Play Store, with more than 319,000 reviews, with 4.5 stars.


Quiz! Get rewards with trivia game
Quiz! Get rewards with Q&A game | Image: Reproduction.

An excellent option to get balance and with that to be able to buy gems in Stumble Guys is with the Quize app. One of the best there is when it comes to getting balance with questions and answers.

To use it is quite simple, just download the application to your smartphone, it has versions for both Android and iOS, download link below to make it easier! With the application downloaded, just create a registration with a nickname, set a password and enter an email.

With the account created, just start answering questions and accumulate balance. This application, in addition to being an excellent way to obtain balance, is an application that adds a lot, transmitting knowledge to those who play while having fun, with friends.


Dog hero - application to work taking care of dogs
DogHero – Application to work taking care of Dogs

Now it is an option that could end up becoming not only a source of extra income but also a main one. This app is for dog lovers, as you may have guessed from its name.

In this application you will offer a series of services for dog owners, thereby generating rewards. For those who are a true lover of dogs and cats, this app can be a real wonder, after all, you will spend time with animals you love so much and still be rewarded!

The services offered by the DogHero application are to take the animals for a walk, or offer accommodation. According to the website Glassdoor, a 'DogHero' can earn an average of R$1,240 per month!

One of the best ways to earn an income through this app is to get a pet loyal. That is, by offering the service of lodging or walking with a dog, you can obtain the loyalty of the owner of that dog, with that a guaranteed income.

DogHero is available for download for both Android and Apple iOS smartphones. Below I will leave the download link:

But if you sign up to be a DogHero, be aware that you will be fully responsible for the Pet. Which is to say, both for food, health and cleanliness!

Stumble Guys all released! – Infinite gems, stumble tokens and skins

Skins stumble guys with infinite gems
Skins – Stumble Guys

Você quer jogar com tudo liberado, todas as skins, emotes e o passe mas não tem tempo para tentar executar tarefas em aplicativos para conseguir saldo? Então ainda existe uma opção para você onde você consegue o jogo com tudo liberado!

This is a method only available to Android smartphone owners, after all, you will be able to unlock everything! All unlocked using a mod version of Stumble Guys! That's because Apple is extremely strict with apps in this way, not allowing installation outside of the App Store.

Stumble Guys apk mod

Stumble Guys apk mod is a modified version of Android app where all desired skins and emotes are available with Infinite Gems! No need to buy the pass, or the skins themselves to be able to use them.

In addition to coming with everything players want to release without having to spend money, the mod also comes no ads!

The Stumble Guys mod works perfectly, if your cell phone supports the original version of the Play Store, then you will be able to play without crashing in this version, with your character all customized!

How to Download and Install Stumble Guys (Infinite Gems) apk mod on Android

As it is a mod, it is not on the Play Store! So I will leave the Stumble Guys mod apk download link below.

Once downloaded, check out the step-by-step instructions below to install the apk on your smartphone.

1. Open your original version of Stumble Guys, and click on the settings icon. Make sure your account is connected to Google Play, or Facebook!

2. Close the original game, and uninstall it! Don't worry about the account linked in step 2, you can uninstall.

3. Locate the downloaded .apk file from the button above. It is usually found in the downloads folder.

4. Select Install. To install it, you need permission to install from unknown sources. Learn it on here.

5. Once the installation is complete, open the app and all skins and emotes will be available!

Note If the version is out of date, a warning to update will appear, do not update, just close the warning. Also comment here if the app is out of date so we can provide the most up-to-date version!


Anyway, these are the best ways you will find to get gems and stumble tokens to acquire gems and emotes in Stumble Guys. But if you don't want to run the methods, I left an option of a modified version of the app with all skins, emotes and no ads!

I hope you have fun, don't forget to share it with your friends who also play, so you can play with the greatest possible style with the account with all the skins and emotes.

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