Codiguin Generator: Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

What is codeguin?

A Codiguin is a code that gives prizes to those who redeem it. Be that prize rare items, battle passes and even the coveted Diamonds!

code generator?

It is a tool that generates codes to be redeemed in Rewards FF, Game Reload and even Gif Card from the Play Store

it's safe ?

Yea! Using a code generator does not pose any risk to your account. After all, it's not a hack, it's a ransom code!

How to use a code generator

The process is very simple, just choose which prize you want, and click to generate the code!

How to rescue a codeguin

With the generated code, copy it, and then go to Garena's official website to redeem it. If it's Reward FF code, go to Reward FF, etc.

The best codiguin generator!

So are we going to win a lot of dimas and Skins? Check out the best codiguin generator and more details at the link below!