Mandei errado e agora?

Have you ever made a wrong Pix? Well, it's quite common, and it's very likely that a little panic will arise due to the wrong submission.

With that in mind, here's some important information to help you in case you have a problem with Pix sent wrong.

November 2021, after a year of launching Pix, the Central Bank created a standard, which puts the MED (Special Return Mechanism) into practice.

this tool is used to enable the chargeback of a specific Pix. So if you have a problem with Pix sent wrong, you know where to start.

However, this mechanism only works in cases of suspected fraud, or in the event of a possible failure detected in the system itself.

An effective way to get a refund is to contact the person who received the money in error directly, they could send you back the money that is not theirs.

Another option is to contact the bank directly, and open a ticket to resolve the problem.

An important tip is to always check the name and other data of the person who will receive the Pix, before making the transaction.