Which game makes the most money?! Among them, Free Fire and Roblox.


Has it ever crossed your mind which game makes the most money? After all, games are becoming more and more revolutionary, even being taken as professions. Cases like Streaming, pro-player and the like. With this in mind, the search for games that seek to pay usurers is growing more and more.

Resgatar um código no Free Fire pode até ser uma atividade simples, entretanto conseguir os códigos disponibilizados pela desenvolvedora Garena é outra história… Como os códigos dão para quem resgatar eles prêmios muito cobiçados, e o que geralmente faz jogadores gastarem dinheiro, sendo essa a fonte de renda da empresa. Por conta disso, a Garena limita e muito a distribuição de códigos no Free Fire. Veja como fazer recarga jogo.

Mas, o que se fazer nesse caso? Um mundo vasto de opções e milhares de jogos na internet, qual se destaca? Qual Paga mais? Perguntas do tipo começam a rodar a mente de quem almeja ganhar dinheiro com jogos. E sim, é possível ganhar dinheiro jogando games, seja mobile, console ou PC. As opções são das mais variadas! Contudo, tendo noção que não são todos jogos que literalmente pagam ao usuário que esteja jogando. Veja este gerador de codiguin.

The step is much lower and requires more searching and searching for information. In this case, I treated you to some games that can be taken as a profession and live on the basis of it. But, remembering that, it's not necessarily playing and that's it, you'll earn money. As mentioned, these are games that you can earn with them, not that you will earn to play.

Which game makes the most money for the developer?

Yes, it is possible to live from games, with dedication and the right ways. So, the search for which game makes the most money may be one step away from being enlightened. But, remembering that, it's not by leaving here and going to play that you'll win something.

A survey by NetBet with data from Nielsen Super Data, Social Blade and even Forbes. Shows the games that are yielding the most worldwide. However, among them are games like Free Fire, Roblox, GTA 5 and Fortnite. Whose have great influence among Brazilians. Of course, to others that are popular here in Brazil, and that are part of the list of great success in billing.

The data is updated in real time, in the case of each title, collections by minutes, hours and days. This gives us a dimension about financial success. The value list counts digital sales, micro transactions on items and also DLC of the titles. Detail, a search of 2 years of data.

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Anyway, these are the games that are generating the most income. Where we can see that the Top 5 there is accompanied by 3 games that are very popular in Brazil, being Roblox, Free Fire and Pokémon. But, again repeating that, the games mentioned above, are the ones that are generating the most revenue, but it doesn't stop you from making money playing them. Just knowing how to reach a target audience, whether in streaming, or even game plays, the possibilities are there. In addition, another detail is that the data mentioned above are data for one week. And as mentioned, they are changed all the time. After all, the market itself never stops.

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