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Hawkeye Episode 5, See the Full Review!

Episode 5 of Hawkeye arrived on Disney+ with interaction between Yelena and Kate Bishop

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Today was released Hawkeye Episode 5, which is a new series from the Marvel universe that is available there on Disney+. And yet, it seems, this series will tell the change of the mantle of Hawkeye, I left Clint Barton and took over Kate Bishop.

And in the last episode we saw that a Black Widow appeared hunting Clint, we could even imagine who she would be. Yes, she's Natasha Romanoff's sister, and she played a big part in the unfolding of Hawkeye Episode 5.

Yelena Belova Appears to Kate Bishop

As we were already talking about the appearance of this Black Widow, her name is Yelena Belova and yet, she is Natasha Romanoff's sister. In this new episode of Hawkeye that we saw this morning on Disney+, she went over to Kate Bishop's house to talk to her.

There Yelena revealed to Kate that she is Natasha's sister and that she was in New York with a single mission, to kill Clint. The two talked, Kate tried to show Clint's good side but it didn't help much, she really wants to kill him.

Remembering that Yelena asked Kate where Clint was, but she said she didn't know, and in fact she told the truth.

Ronin Reveals His Identity to Maya in Hawkeye Episode 5

Ronin reveals his identity to maya
Photo: Disclosure / UCM

In previous episodes of the Disney+ Hawkeye series, we learned that Ronin had killed Maya's father, and in episode 5 he appeared to her. Yes, Ronin fought Maya and after immobilizing her, revealed his face and showed that he is actually Clint.

And Clint was determined not to kill her but to threaten her, since she was investigating his family. He also said that he killed her father at the behest of his own boss, which left her quite intrigued and suspicious.

Maya managed to take her sword and when she was about to kill Ronin/Clint, her hand is hit by an arrow. Yes, Kate managed to locate Clint and went after him, and after leaving there, she told him about Natasha's sister.

The Kingpin Appears

A few hours later, after having managed to get out of this mess, Kate and Clint were playing with the dog she had raised. So far everything is normal, but a message from an unknown number arrives on Kate's cell phone, and it was from Yelena.

She sent a picture of a man with Kate's mother, and he would be the one who sent her to New York to kill Clint. And this man was none other than the Kingpin, apparently Kate's mother is also involved with the wrong thing.

Anyway, this was a brief analysis of episode 5 of Hawkeye, the new Hawkeye series that is available on Disney+. If you liked the content, I ask you to share it with all your friends and on all your Social Networks.


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