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3 Series to Watch on Disney+

Looking for something to watch on Disney+? Check out suggestions for series to binge on over the weekend!

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Today I bring here an article made especially for those people who are fans of Streaming, because I will mention 3 Series To Watch on Disney+. And I'll tell you that two series that I'll mention are from Marvel, which is currently the biggest producer of heroes in world cinema.

And it is worth noting that these Marvel series are part of the new phase of the MCU, that is, we have some great news being introduced by Marvel. Remembering that this year we already have new MCU series already scheduled to arrive on the platform, such as Ms Marvel.

And honestly, all the series available on Disney+ are good and cover topics that vary for different tastes. Whether your favorite taste is a more musical, teen, heroes or other series, just search, prepare your cell phone or computer and watch.

3: Star Wars: Visions

Star wars visions, disney+
Photo: Playback/Star Wars: Visions

I'll start this list of Series to watch on Disney+ by talking about an anthology series that celebrates the “Star Wars” franchise. And it is made through short films in the style of Animes, the people who enjoyed this type of content, quite famous in Japan, will enjoy it.

And every Japanese animation studio or animator, yes, from Japan, puts his lens on the studio he created, George Lucas. And it doesn't stop there, the entire result is shared with the public, that is, the people who are watching.

In case you're curious or curious, in all there are 10 incredible visions, which together bring a new multicultural perspective to the Galaxy far, far away.

2: Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Falcon takes on the mantle of captain america
Falcon – New MCU Captain America

Second in this list of series to watch on Disney+ I will mention one of my favorites, which is Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This series talks about the transference of the mantle of the captain America to Sam, who we know is Marvel's Falcon.

But back at the end of Avengers The End, hadn't Captain America already passed the shield to Sam? Yes, that happened, but he didn't think he was worthy and decided to hand the shield over to the government, thinking it would become a museum.

But the government turned the shield over to another man, and that pissed off both Sam and the Winter Soldier. And so then they set out on a mission that would be to retrieve the mantle, as the current owner was soiling the Captain's legacy.

1: Loki

Illustrative photo: loki | disney +.
Illustrative photo: Loki | Disney+.

First of all in this list of series to watch on Disney+ I will mention one that you will really enjoy watching, as the MCU Multiverse was introduced once and for all in Loki. And remembering that the Multiverse is increasingly present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we saw this happen recently in the latest Spider-Man movie.

In this series we can observe several Lokis from different universes and different timelines, including a female version of him, who was a tremendous success in the series. And this female Loki shook the heart of a male Loki, making it clear that Loki is only capable of falling in love with himself.

And we also had the arrival of a possible big villain that should play terror in the next few years in the MCU, do you know who I'm talking about? Kang: The Conqueror, whose strong point is the mind, which is his greatest power, having the knowledge of what happens in the Multiverse.

And this was another article here from News Geek where I mentioned 3 series to watch on Disney+, whether accompanied or alone. And if you liked the content, don't forget to share it on all your Social Networks and with all your friends.


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