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Genshin Impact: Trivia, and better characters

Discover the curiosities of this incredible game, where to download and the best characters.

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Genshin Impact is an RPG game that has gained prominence lately for its incredible animation and a very captivating story. Without escaping from classic RPG tales, but having its own originality.

Its production company is COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD. And it is currently number two on the Google Play Store's most profitable adventure category, ahead of Pokémon GO, and only behind Roblox.

And if you are a fan of games with very good graphics and an open world where you can roam freely, do side missions or even primary ones, know that you are totally free.

Platforms to Download and Play Genshin Impact

As we mentioned earlier, this game has gained so much notoriety that it is available on multiple platforms. Being them PS4, PS5, Google Play, Apple Store and for Windows system. 

You can be downloading this app on any of these platforms but they also have their own official website where you can even interact with the platform and get a preview of the game.

Its website, like other games that have been on the market for a long time, has full support for everything you need and is even divided into topics for easy access. In case you start playing for now here is a tip of How to earn Genshin Impact Essential Gem

Enjoy the immensity of the Teyvat continent

The magic that holds us in an RPG is its vastness in its open world. In Genshin Impact we have the Teyvat continent, where countless creatures have bred and gathered. Check out some of that magic with this little trailer.

Like most RPG games it also has a main story but you are free to explore every bit of this world and you will find numerous side quests where you can spend your time and of course get new items for your build.

A really cool thing is that this game reminds us of animes that have the same genre. This game has the same theme as an anime 'isekai' but what does that mean? In anime of this genre it is normal for humans to be summoned to this realm of magic with a purpose of saving or something. In the story of this game that's what happens, your character is summoned to this magical kingdom.

Elemental Interactions and Strategic Battles in Genshin Impact

In this land where the elements converge, the world is made up of seven elements: Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro and Geo. Characters with “Vision” can guide the power of the elements into battle and exploration. 

When Hydro meets Pyro, "Vaporization" occurs, Pyro and Electro cause "Overcharge", and when Electro meets Hydro, "Electrically Charged" occurs... For different enemies, using skills to activate the effects of the restraining element is key to the victory.

Understanding each character class is one of the keys to victory in this world. We mentioned earlier some of these classes where it will help you to understand a little better about each character. After you choose your character make sure which category it fits best and focus on learning mechanics. 

We've separated the top 10 of the best Genshin Impact characters so you can choose wisely, and be able to identify with the one that catches your eye the most. Remembering that you can call your friends to play with you since the game allows you to play in teams and understanding the gameplay and dynamics is essential for you to make the perfect team with your friends.

Top 10 Genshin Impact characters

Genshin impact: trivia, and best characters
Genshin impact: trivia, and best characters
Kamisato Ayaka
Genshin impact: trivia, and best characters
Genshin impact: trivia, and best characters
Genshin impact: trivia, and best characters
Shogun Raiden

In tenth place we have the Xiangling, which has risen two positions since the last update, with its main weapon still being the hook and its set of artifacts, four pieces of nostalgic reminiscence. And Xiangling is used in a wide variety of teams. In reverse fusion team, teams with 2 pyro and 2 hydro are being tested, it is a team that is growing strong but has not yet gained its popularity.

In ninth place we have Kamisato Ayaka, who was previously in fourth place, and even with the popularity of her class dropping in the game she still remains the most popular, an achievement that we have to respect. His most used weapon remains the reforged fog cutter and his four-piece Winter Hero artifact set. Ayaka is mostly used in freezing teams.

In eighth place Xingqiu who dropped two positions since in the last update he was in sixth place. Her primary weapon is the Sword of Sacrifice and her favorite two-piece artifact set, from ancient royal ritual and two-piece from the heart's depths. And Xingqiu is used a lot in taser teams, freezing teams.

In seventh place we have the newcomer Yelan in weapons issues she is still using Aqua Simulacra which is her signature bow as with the Favonius Warbow bow, and issue of artifacts four pieces of the heat stroke seal. And Yelan on all teams, everyone is still testing on taser teams and freeze teams.

In sixth place is Shogun Raiden, who has moved up three positions since the last update. His most used weapon remains his signature spear and his four-piece Seal of Heatstroke artifact set. Other than that, nothing has changed other than its popularity has increased.

top 5 characters

Genshin impact: curiosities, and best characters - sangonomiya kokomi
Sangonomiya Kokomi
Genshin impact: trivia, and best characters
Genshin impact: trivia, and best characters
Genshin impact: trivia, and best characters
Genshin impact: trivia, and best characters
Kaedehara Kazuha

In fifth place we have Sangonomiya Kokomi, who dropped three places. After her rise in the last update she rose to second place and remained in the top 5. She has gained quite a bit of notoriety and has become a great character. His most used weapon remains the Amber Prototype and his four-piece Sea-Stained shell artifact set. And Kokomi appears mostly on freezing teams and on Electrically Charged teams.

In fourth place we have Venti who dropped just one position, which all Morgana teams suffered at least a little bit. Venti's most used weapon is still the Last Chord bow and his four-piece set of Green Shadow artifacts.

In third place we have Zhongli, who moved up five positions. His strongest weapon is the Black Tassel, and his four-piece artifact set is the Firm Mililirfes. And this is yet another case of characters who have benefited from the rise in popularity. In addition to being very versatile, he is still a great shield, it's no wonder he's in the top three.

Second place boy Bennett regained his silver crown, in the last update he was in fifth place, he traded with Kokomi and went back to second place, the position he usually is. His most used weapon is the Putrid Sword and his four-piece artifact set of ancient royal ritual. And he is extremely versatile and is part of virtually every team.

And in the first place, nothing has changed, he who always occupies that position. We're talking about Kaedehara Kazuha, her most used weapon remains the Iron Thorn and her four-piece set of Green Shadow artifacts. 

And Kazuha is another one that joins practically every team. He is a key part of the international team, appears in the taser team, in freezing teams and any that causes sub Elemental damage he dominates. Without a doubt, he remains the most popular and most powerful character in Genshin Impact.

These were the best characters from Genshin Impact, and some of their quirks. Did you enjoy meeting these characters? Do you like games? How about meeting the Most Difficult Games in the World?

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