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How to get V-Bucks in Fortnite for Free

See how to get lots of V-Bucks on Fornite without spending anything!

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Getting V-Bucks in Fortnite without spending anything can be a difficult task, especially for those just starting out in the game. With that in mind, in this article we are going to share some valuable tips for how to get free V-Bucks on Fornite!

V-Bucks are the game's premium currency, which are used to purchase cosmetic items and the much-desired Battle Pass. As it is the game's premium currency, your earnings are limited, after all, it is in the interest of the game for the player to acquire these coins through the store. See now how to maximize and earn more V-Bucks for free in Fortnite.

Methods to earn free V-Bucks in Fortnite

There are a few ways to get a free amount of V-Bucks in each of Fornite's seasons, either through game modes, events, etc. below you will see all these ways to get V-Bucks:

1. How to get V-Bucks in “Battle Royale” mode"

The main way to earn V-Bucks in Fornite without spending anything is by playing the Battle Royale mode and evolving the Free Pass, until it reaches all levels where the game offers amounts of coins as a prize. The problem is that although this is the best way, it takes time and requires more dedication!

Fornite battle royale mode
Fornite Battle Royale Mode – Epic Games

Overall, you can get around 200-300 V-Bucks every season on the Free Pass, so if your goal with V-Bucks is to buy the Battle Pass, you'll need to play for 5 seasons to get enough to buy the Battle Pass. Pass, which costs 950 V-Bucks. The paid pass rewards the player with more V-Bucks than the free one, which can be an incentive for those who join to buy it.

How to level up the Pass

In this method it is fundamental to raise the level of the pass, preferably as fast as possible, the better. And it is possible to gain / level up in the following ways:

  • Winning battles and all game modes (being the last one standing in the match).
  • Eliminating opponents.
  • Completing proposed activities such as: daily and weekly challenges, Free Pass and Battle challenges.
  • Locate hidden Battle Stars on maps during matches.

See in the following video how to locate the Battle Stars, and how the passes present in the game work:


Evolving in the rankings can be a difficult activity, but it is rewarded with all the rewards available in the Pass that you have unlocked. In addition to improving your overall skills in the game by practicing more.

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How to get V-Bucks in “Save the World” mode

Unfortunately this game mode is paid and not everyone has access to it, but if you already have this mode unlocked, or want to invest a little money, you will be rewarded with extra prizes, a way of encouraging the game to invest in this game mode. Among the rewards it is possible to get V-Bucks.

Fornite save the world mode - epic games
Save the World Mode Fornite – Epic Games

In Save the World mode, you can earn V-Bucks as follows:

  • Daily access: simply entering the game, you are rewarded without even playing, just accessing the game. Every day a prize is received, as long as it is not reset, that is, between all days! On certain days, the prize is V-Bucks.
  • Daily missions: in this mode several daily missions are available, each one yielding prizes in V-Bucks.
  • Story Mode Missions: As it is possible to complete each story mode mission only once, therefore, it cannot be considered a way to farm constant V-Bucks, but the first time completing Story mode missions earns V-Bucks!

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Fornite developer Epic Games often brings themed events to the game, such as Christmas, New Years, Super Bowl events, etc. Participating in these events rewards players with various prizes, including V-Bucks.

Code Redemption

The fastest and clearest way to earn V-Bucks is by redeeming codes, there's no better way. Codes on Fornite reward players with various seasonal items such as skins, weapons, pickaxes… and can also reward with V-Bucks.

Below is a list of some codes to redeem in Chapter 4 of Fornite:

  • 8H2-9D-8J4: Geralt, The Witcher (skin)
  • G9D-39-323: Doom Slayer (skin)
  • G6K-2J-HAW – shotgun (double barrel)
  • VE4-C4-PSD – SMG
  • 43B-CY-N62 – skin (battle pass)
  • C7A-U9-4UF - treasure chest
  • 29M-K1-51K - weapon
  • B7T-3F-J48 - Pickaxe
  • TSV-M6-L46 – resource (ore)
  • REL-14-Y85 - gun
  • PQVER-SBM7G-NEFB6-98BWW – screen of loading free
  • 7CD-7J-8AL – consumable tapa juice
  • JHP-N4-4E4 – skin (battle pass)
  • SEL-5U-V8N – battle bus
  • C7P-EH-C2N – Geno (skin)
  • U83-8M-T5M - assault rifle
  • A9D-M5-BGL – constellation peely
  • RS9-L8-835 – shotgun
  • 4J5-DB-S9J – Geno (skin)
  • 6HU-TQ-4BY – skin (battle pass)
  • KNE-LB-4ME – dirt bike
  • 2TH-EK-33P – hammer harvesting tool

How to redeem Fornite codes

There are no secrets to redeem codes in Fornite, just follow these steps:

  1. go to Fortnite bounty redemption page;
  2. Login with your game account;
  3. Enter the code in the box and click Rescue.
  4. Enjoy the prize in the game!

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