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John Walker Freaks Out and Stain Captain America's Legacy

Current Captain America freaks out and soils Captain America's Shield!

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We all know in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier we already have a new Captain America and he is none other than John Walker. However, it seems that being the current holder of the most famous shield in the United States made him think he was the owner of reason and freak out.

We all expected the new Captain America to be Sam, but in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier we saw John Walker take over the shield. That's because Sam, who is Falcon, thought it best to hand the shield over to the United States, thinking that no one else would take over it.

However, the US Government surprised Sam and passed Captain America's shield to John Walker, an exemplary military man. But he doesn't have any kind of super power, he's just an ordinary person, at least until the last episode that came out on Friday.

John Walker Freaks Out and Stain Captain America's Legacy

It all started when Zemo located the Super Soldier serums and decided to destroy him, to prevent more people from using the same. But a vial ended up being intact, guessed only in the hand of whoever ended up, John Walker, who soon put it in his pocket.

After Dora Milaje beat up John Walker, making him feel like a good-for-nothing, he made a decision. The one of taking the super soldier serum, only here can we see that it has everything to make a huge mess.

The Super Soldier Serum has the power to make a person amplify what they have, whether it's a good thing or a bad thing.

Seeing his big partner take a beating and apparently be dead, John Walker goes after some people with Captain America's shield. And he ends up using the shield as a weapon to murder a person who had no direct connection with his friend's death.

The episode ended by showing a strong shot of John Walker holding the bloodstained Captain's shield, throwing away what it stands for.

What will become of the Shield?

Sam Wilson, Captain America
Photo: Playback/Dsiney+ and Marvel

Most likely, we will see in the next chapters of Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sam and Bucky taking Captain America's shield from John Walker. After all, they know very well what that mantle meant to Steve Rogers and they don't want to see their legacy thrown away.

However, most likely who will assume the mantle of Captain America will be Sam, the person chosen by Steve back in Avengers: Endgame. However, now we can only wait for the next episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Diney+, will we have more surprises?

And here ends another article in News Geek where I talked a little about the outbreak of John Walker, the “new” Captain America. Anyway, if you liked the content, don't forget to share it with all your friends and on all your Social Networks.


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