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New ad for La Casa de Papel with premiere date.

Fifth season of La Casa De Papel gets a premiere date!

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A series that caught the attention of thousands of people since its first season, where it exploded and was a worldwide success. Now, with the new ad for La Casa de Papel, what can we expect to see? After all, speaking of La Casa de Papel, we can expect great things, because the more impact the series has, the better it gets.

But recently, the streaming platform Netflix, responsible for distribution, released a new trailer with the announcement of La Casa de Papel and its release date on the digital platform. In other words, it's closer than ever! However, it is worth remembering that this is the last season of the series. So while the news is good, as we will have more of the series to watch, it will also be the end of the whole storyline.

In that case, you can't miss what awaits you in the new part of the series, called “Part 5” of the series. To the series that stole the hearts of thousands of people, for its theme, production, history and admirable characters!

Netflix announces the fifth part of La Casa de Papel.

La Casa de Papel: Part 5 | Debut announcement | Netflix

As shown in the announcement trailer, we will have the fifth part, or final part as you prefer to call it, the last season of La Casa de Pape will be divided into two parts! That is, we will have the first part of the fifth season on September 3 and the second half of the final season on December 3.

Unfortunately, it's pretty common these days to split an entire season of a show into two halves. It may sound bad, but in the end, it has its benefits and harms. But, we admit that it's pretty bad to be waiting when the anxiety and hunger of the series speaks louder.

That is, in order to alleviate this tension, there is a method that can help you, even more if you have a lot of free time to spare. So, if you have that free time, why better than waiting for the fifth part of La casa de Papel after its premiere announcement, you can watch everything from the beginning. That's right, see it all again, after all, there are still a few months until the next season, and until then, you can refresh all that happened from the first to the fourth season. So that's done, when the fifth comes, all the content will be fresh in your memory, ready to enjoy another new season, and the last of the series.

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