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Nagato's Power: Understand the Six Paths of Pain!

See some fun facts about each of Pain's six paths, and their powers!

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See below curiosities about the six paths of Pain. In addition, you will understand what each one represents. In Naruto Shippuden, Nagato was one of the main antagonists of the work, he in turn was the leader of an organization called "Akatsuki". And if you're a fan of Naruto's work, you'll certainly remember the main objectives of this organization that was born in the heart of Yahiko.

Well, as we all know Nagato controlled six bodies with the power of his Rinnegan, the main one being Yahiko himself, who had given his life for the greater good as he himself suggested. After that, only Konan knew the true face behind Pain.

With the Rinnegan, Nagato Uzumaki gained abilities that were unique to the Sage of the Six Paths, and used this unprecedented strength to create and control the most powerful team in the ninja world known as the Six Paths of Pain. With so much skill, it can be difficult to keep track of everything, so here's an explanation of Nagato Uzumaki's fearsome Jutsu, to understand how he achieved so much power.

Nagato and his Rinnegan

The Power of Nagato: Understand the Six Paths of Pain!
Nagato Uzumaki

Contrary to what many people think, Nagato was not born with the rinnegan. We can see throughout the work that some ocular powers are in turn genetic inheritance attributed to certain clans. We have as an example the byakugan of the Hyuuga family and the Sharingan of the Uchiha clan. 

However, Nagato is descended from the Uzumaki clan, as well as our protagonist Naruto and his mother Kushina. This is important to remember as the Uzumaki clan is known to have immense chakra reserves. 

Madara Uchiha knew this very well, and even before his death he had already made plans to be revived at some point and chose Nagato as the main candidate to whom he could entrust his eyes. And for the host not to become overwhelmed, it would need high chakra reserves. Therefore, Madara deliberately bestowed the Rinnegan on Nagato upon his birth.

The Awakening of the Six Paths of Pain

The truth is that Madara never imagined that Nagato could actually master the rinnegan to the point of using it almost perfectly and even he was amazed at what the young Uzumaki managed through them. 

As Jiraiya's apprentice, Nagato quickly managed to master all six nature transformations, and moreover masterfully mastered all the jutsus he was taught in a remarkable amount of time. And soon after finishing his training in Gato, together with Yahiko and Konan, they founded the Akatsuki organization with the purpose of bringing peace to the Hidden Rain Village.

Unfortunately, their noble efforts attracted enemies from all walks of life. In an effort to destroy the akatsuki, Hanzo of Salamander and Danzo of the Hidden Leaf Village planned an attack against the three core members of Akatsuki who killed Yahiko. The loss of his friend caused a terrible stir in Nagato. 

Pain's ways

Although he continued to work towards his initial goal of achieving peace, his commitment to doing so ethically was no longer as strong as it once was. Finally beginning to use all of his eye power, he divided up the various powers, or paths, of Pain's six paths.

Deva Path

The Power of Nagato: Understand the Six Paths of Pain!
Pain: Deva Path

The first among the six paths of Pain, is called Deva, and he, in turn, had a very simple jutsu actually. The jutsu could accurately control both the forces of attraction and repulsion, although this jutsu needed time before the user could use it again. 

Nagato created this path from Yahiko's corpse as mentioned earlier, and its purpose was to take care of matters relating to the organization of Akatsuki. Nagato preferred that way because, I always think that the position of leader was his friend, so he continued until the end.

asura path

The Power of Nagato: Understand the Six Paths of Pain!
Pain: Asura Path

The second of Pain's six paths was named Asura, and he had the ability to manipulate his own body as he saw fit. His abilities also attributed to the regeneration of body parts, as well as the creation and conjuration of extra limbs, and he could even create any type of mechanical weaponry that could be attached to himself.

Jiraiya, his former teacher, traveled the world in search of a prodigious student who was supposed to bring about a significant revolution in the ninja world. Jiraiya has encountered numerous shinobi on his travels, each with a unique attitude towards the conflict that has engulfed their homeland. 

However, as he was dissatisfied with the answers given to him, he decided to include them in the novels he wrote about his travels. Nagato found these people and then turned their corpses into puppets.

animal path

The Power of Nagato: Understand the Six Paths of Pain!
Pain: Animal Path

The third of Pain's six paths is the Animal path. This path gave him the power to summon different varied creatures and among these creatures each with different abilities and almost immortal. We can say that the ability of this path is invaluable and can disorient enemies and change the course of a battle in the blink of an eye. 

And, unlike the summons that we usually see in the anime, they were done through contracts with the animals that the user of the jutsu summoned. Well, in the animal path, it wasn't necessary blood and not even a contract so that the jutsu could be activated.

Naraka Path

The Power of Nagato: Understand the Six Paths of Pain!
Pain: Naraka Path

The fourth of the six paths of Pain is called Naraka. This path has the Divine ability to freely control "the King of Hell" and this ability gave him the title of guardian of life and death. 

And in this jutsu he could easily heal whatever the wound was, and also summon the king of hell to judge whoever was captured by extracting the truth from his captor. If they did not speak the truth, their tongues were torn out and they were left to die.

Black Path

The Power of Nagato: Understand the Six Paths of Pain!
Pain: Black Path

The fifth of Pain's six paths was called Preta. This path in turn has the ability to absorb all chakra-based ninjutsu techniques. Also, after direct physical contact, you can absorb the raw chakra of any living being. 

Unlike Karma in Boruto, Preta Path users are unable to redirect the chakra they are absorbing. However, they are able to integrate the stolen chakra's properties into their own chakra.

human path

The Power of Nagato: Understand the Six Paths of Pain!
Pain: Human Path

The sixth and not least of Pain's six paths is the Human path. This one in turn had a very simple but fatal ability, just like a Naraka path, he could help with interrogations however, he didn't need to ask a question if he wanted to. 

He could simply rip his opponent's soul right out of his body and thus instantly acquire whatever knowledge and experience the soul had gathered throughout its entire life.

And this was a bit about the curiosities of Pain's ways. Also read the Top 7 of the best Anime Villains in all history! Learn more about Pain's paths in the following video.

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