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What is the Strongest Clan in Naruto? Listed the 5 Strongest!

The clans that have the most powerful members and/or powerful hereditary jutsus!

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Welcome to another News Geek article and in this article I will list the 5 strongest clans in Naruto, do you know which clan is the strongest? So go with me.

There are several clans in the Naruto Universe, if you miss any or think I changed their order, let me know in the comments below.

5 - Hyuga

It is notorious that the Hyuga clan is one of the strongest clans in Naruto, it is divided into two families, the primary and the secondary.

We saw this family division back in the early days of Naruto, when Hinata who is now Naruto's wife fought her cousin Neji.

Neji beat Hinata out of hatred, as he was part of the secondary family and she is the primary. As we know, Hinata and Neji's father are twin brothers and Neji thought that Hinata's father had sent his father to his death, but some time later he learned that his father wanted to sacrifice himself, after he discovered this, the two began to live together more. time together and ended up calling each other brother.

Neji despite being part of the secondary family was one of the prodigies of the Hyuuga clan.

No wonder the Hyuuga clan is one of the strongest in Naruto.

4 – Uzumaki – What is the Strongest Clan in Naruto?

We couldn't leave out of this list Naruto's own clan, in addition to Naruto, we can see the strength of this clan in Nagato.

Nagato, better known as pain, did tremendous damage in Konoha, he was the leader of AKATSUK.

3 - Uchiha

The Uchiha clan is the Sasuke clan, one of the strengths that exist in the members of this clan is the Sharingan.

In order for the Sharingan to be awakened in a clan member, that member must have a lot of hatred, and how is this hatred awakened? Often witnessing the death of a very dear relative.

The Uchiha are without a doubt one of the strongest clans in Naruto, he just isn't in higher positions because of his curse of high destruction.

2 – Senju – What is the Strongest Clan in Naruto?

One of the most powerful chakras in the series belongs to this clan, in addition, its members have skills in healing and mastery of wood.

the first hokage, Hashirama Senju, was a member of this clan, in addition to him another member of the clan was also hokage, his granddaughter Tsunade senju.

1 - Otsutsuki

The strongest clan in this list of Naruto's strongest clans could not be any other clan besides the Otsutsuki.

To tell you the truth, this clan isn't even from Earth, it arrived on our planet a thousand years ago.

But why is this the strongest clan? Only one member of this clan was responsible for creating the chakra that ninjas of all clans use for their jutsus, want more? This clan currently lives jumping from planet to planet absorbing chakras and becoming stronger and stronger.

And we can't forget that they are responsible for creating the tail monsters.


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