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Who is Naruto's Strongest Hokage? Learn Now!

The most powerful, important and influential in the ninja world!

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In Boruto's anime, we are currently in the seventh hokage who is none other than Naruto Uzumaki, but who is the Strongest Hokage? Are we going to tell you right now and in this article, eager to know? Remembering that I will list the sevens in order of power and deeds they did throughout their life as a Kage.

7th – Kakashi

Who is the strongest hokage in naruto, would it be uzumaki?
Photo: Reproduction / Kakashi

Last on this list we have our dear ninja who copies, he who was the Sixth Hokage, but why does he occupy this position? Well, when Kakashi took over as Kage, he no longer had one of his secret weapons, the Sharigan.

Kakashi took over as Hokage when Leaf Village was in a period of peace, shortly after the end of the fourth war. It kind of went without a lot of big fights, as the five great nations were at peace with each other.

6th - Tsunade

Tsunade, news geek
Photo: Reproduction / Tsunade

Now we are going to talk about our dear Legendary Sannin, who by the way is the only female Hokage of the seven who have passed through Konoha. Along with Orochimaru and Jiraya, she forms the "Legendary Three Sannins", but of this trio, she is the weakest of these three.

Our dear princess assumed the position of Hokage when Vila da Folha was going through a very troubled moment and put order in the house. Remembering that I don't want to say that she's weak, but compared to the next hokage, it's complicated for her.

5th – Hiruzen

Hiruzen, news geek
Photo: Reproduction / Hiruzen

Calm down, maybe you are thinking that this position is a little unfair for the third person, but there is a fact that can explain this. We only met him when he was an old man, there in Classic Naruto and we don't have much information about his achievements when he was younger. And precisely because we don't know many facts about him younger is that Hiruzen occupies the fifth place of the strongest Hokage in Naruto.

4th – Tobirama

Tobirama, news geek
Photo: Reproduction / Tobirama

Surely this one of the strongest ninjas in Naruto and the creator of almost every jutsu you can imagine. He developed the shadow clones, Edo Tensei, the teleportation jutsu widely used by Minato and others.

Despite being the creator of the jutsus mentioned above, he is not always the best in them, like the Clones of Leftovers, Naruto's trademark.

3rd – Minato

Minato, news geek
Photo: Reproduction / Minato

Thirdly as the strongest Hokage in Naruto we have none other than Minato who is none other than Naruto's father. He is also the creator of Jutsus, such as the Rasengan that was developed by him and perfected by his son.

2nd – Hashirama

Hashirama, news geek
Photo: Reproduction / Hashirama

He is none other than one of the founders of Leaf Village and the first Hokage, even in battle the same alone won great armies. The guy is so thick-skinned that to this day we don't know the reason for his death and apparently it was a natural cause.

1st – Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto uzumaki, who is the strongest hokage in the anime?
Photo: Reproduction / Naruto Uzumaki

In the first place we have none other than Naruto Uzumaki, remembering that since he was little he dreamed of becoming Hokage. Currently, his power has gained immense proportions, and this happened after he managed to become friends with Kurama, who lives sealed in him.

In addition to perfectly mastering the Rasengan, creating thousands of clones at the same time, and mastering Sage Mode, he can transform into Kurama.

Well, this article was done in a very summarized way, of course there are hundreds of other things I could talk about these Hokages. But if I were to tell you everything about them, this article would be too long.


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