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The ever-closer relationship between AI and video games

The game industry's relationship with artificial intelligence, how this industry takes advantage of technology in its creations.

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For some time now, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a topic that has been living in the spotlight, thanks to the recent great advances in the fields of natural language processing, machine learning and computer vision, a good example being the ChatGPT.

And one of the areas that has taken the best advantage of the improvement of artificial intelligence is the electronic games market, which already used this type of tool even before its popularity!

Relationship of games with Artificial Intelligence

The gaming industry has made good use of this type of technology over the years to manage enemy behavior, procedurally generate scenarios and also to create the famous NPCs (non-playable characters), which are increasingly realistic.

Artificial intelligence and games
artificial intelligence and games

Currently, in electronic games, there are several artificial intelligence mechanisms that are used in the production of titles, such as rule-based systems, neural networks and genetic algorithms. With this, the NPCs, for example, can make more “unpredictable” decisions, responding to the stimuli they receive from the players, bringing their behavior closer to reality, since in some cases these non-playable characters can adapt and learn from the behavior adopted. by the player during the hours of gameplay.

History of games with this Technology

Artificial intelligence has been used in games for decades, playing a key role in the development and consequent growth of this industry. In the 1970s, this technology was implemented in classics such as Pac-Man and Invaders, guaranteeing the game's enemies distinct movement patterns, which ended up transforming the experience of players who had fun with these titles.


Artificial intelligence is massively present in games, making the characters become more and more realistic, responsive and adaptive to the behavior adopted by the players.

The technology is even widely used in similar segments of entertainment, such as the sports betting industry, where with AI developers are able to filter large amounts of data from previous sporting events, thus generating accurate statistics that help to make reliable predictions of possible outcomes. of upcoming games.

However, this is by no means the only use of artificial intelligence in this market, as it helps with fraud detection, provides speedy customer support and also improves the punter experience. As this tool is implemented by the main operators in the market on their platforms, such as on sites with registration promotions listed by

After extensive data analysis, these platforms have already understood that promotions that are advantageous for users are an excellent strategy for attracting and retaining customers, as players get a good promotional balance right after registering, which enables them to make a great deal of money. number of bets at a low cost.

Automatic game creation

With the constant evolution of artificial intelligence, and its growing association with the video game industry, one of the most ambitious perspectives in this niche is the use of the tool for the automatic development of games.

This would happen from the training of the AIs through huge databases related to titles already created, with this, the artificial intelligence would have the necessary tools for the development of new games automatically, without any kind of human intervention. With this, she could create unique game mechanics, develop the characters' stories, and other game-related components, thus helping to drastically reduce the costs and time that these productions take to get ready.

However, this type of technology is still in its early stages, and one of the major obstacles already detected is the lack of ability that Artificial Intelligence still has to imitate the creativity and authenticity of human beings. But even with this setback, the artificial intelligence it has already transformed and continues to transform the way electronic games are developed, promoted and played, and everything indicates that this partnership should last for a long time.

See below a video addressing the topic of the relationship between artificial intelligence and game creation:

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