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Discover the 9 Best Fruits from Blox Fruits

Find out which are the best fruits to farm at Blox Fruits!

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If you would like to know which are the best Blox Fruits for Roblox, you are in exactly the right place. Because by reading this article, you will know which are the 9 best fruits in Blox Fruits, which is a Roblox game.

If you're an Anime fan and have already watched One Piece, I bet you've already noticed what this game was inspired by… And yes, it was inspired by Anime from one piece, and in the game there are those famous Devil Fruits (fruits), which are those powerful magical weapons.

And after receiving numerous requests, we will list for you the top 9 Blox Fruits, identifying Best Blox Fruits, their price and type.

What types of fruits are there in the game? There are three; The Paramecia (Natural), this is the most common, and almost always does not offer a passive ability. we also have the Logia (Elemental), this has a type of passive skill and also allows the character to control certain elements of nature such as fire, water or others. And finally we have the Zoan (Mythological), this allows the character to transform into an animal.

And without further ado, below you can check the list of the 9 best Blox Fruits.

1: Dragon

blox fruits dragon
Blox Fruit – Dragon

Passive Skill: In this skill, the character will start with 50% of the Rage bar filled and acquire the dragon transformation. Not to mention also that it is possible to acquire +60% damage resistance from any type of attack.

Active Skills: About the active skills, we have the following; Heatwave Beam (1 Mastery), Dragon Flight (75 Mastery), Dragonic Claw (150 Mastery), Fire Shower (250 Mastery), and Transformation (350 Mastery).

  • Type: Zoan/Beast
  • Price (Belgium): 3.500.000
  • Price (Robux): 2.600

2: Venom

Blox fruits venom
Blox Fruit – Venom

Passive Skill: With it, the character will have a deadly poison, where enemies that are in the attack radius will be hit by a poisonous miasma. Not to mention the attacks that, when falling to the ground, created a puddle of poison.

She also starts with 50% Rage gauge filled, and her acquired ability is to transform into a three-headed dragon.

Active Skills: About the active skills, we have the following; Poison Daggers (1 Mastery), Serpent Wrath (50 Mastery), Noxious Shot (100 Mastery), Toxic Fog (200 Mastery), and Transformation (300 Mastery)

  • Type: Paramecia/Natural
  • Price (Belgium): 3.000.000
  • Price (Robux): 2.450

3: Shadow

Blox fruits shadow
Blox Fruit – Shadow

Passive Skill: Continuing this list with the best fruits from Blox Fruits, we will now talk about Shadow. Where the character will acquire an Umbra bar, which is a method of shadow power. This method of power can be filled using different skills of this fruit, not to mention that during the night, it fills automatically.

Active Skills: Somber Rebellion (1 Mastery), Umbrage (50 Mastery), Shade Nest (100 Mastery), Nightmare Leech (200 Mastery), and Corvus Troment (300 Mastery).

  • Type: Paramecia/Natural
  • Price (Belgium): 2.900.000
  • Price (Robux): 2.425

4: Soul

Blox fruits soul
Blox Fruit – Soul

Passive Skill: Now it's time for us to talk about the passive ability of the Soul, where the character will have a soul counter on the screen. Where obviously, you will be able to collect souls in the game, killing enemies using any ability of this fruit, with 9 being the maximum amount of souls you can collect.

It is noteworthy that the character will also have two partners around him, the sun and the cloud. And depending on the amount of calm and fury the character has, they change. Another important point about the passive ability of this fruit is that the character can summon souls to launch poisonous gas at enemies. You can also invoke roots that stun targets or heal yourself.

Active Skills: Soul Snatcher (1 Mastery), Sky Ruler (75 Mastery), Wrath of Ra (150 Mastery), Outraged Raijin (250 Mastery), and End of Times (350 Mastery)

  • Type: Paramecia/Natural
  • Price (Belgium): 3.400.000
  • Price (Robux): 2.550.000

5: Bird: Phoenix

Blox fruits bird phoenix
Blox Fruit – Bird: Phoenix

Passive Skill: The passive ability of this fruit is that the character turns into a Phoenix, and automatically loses energy. However, it gains 15% damage resistance from any type of attack, in addition to flying passive, stun immunity, and a buff to movement.

Remembering that when you get below 33% health or lose 30% health in 1 second, you will return to normal form.

Active Skills (Unawakened Version): Cannon (1 Mastery), Regeneration Flames (90 Mastery), Fast Kick (160 Mastery), Full Transformation (250 Mastery), and Hybrid Flight (30 Mastery).

  • Type: Zoan/Beast
  • Price (Belgium): 1.800.000
  • Price (Robux): 2.000

Active Skill (Awakened Version): Cremation Cannon (500 shards), Swift Flight (2,000 shards), Blue Flames (3,000 shards), Flame Exodus (4,000 shards), Click (4,000 shards), and Blazing Plumage (5,000 shards).

6: Dough

Blox fruits dough
Blox Fruit – Dough

Passive Skill: I'm going to start by saying that this fruit can work as an Elemental fruit, but only if the observation is activated. And an important fact about her, is that enemies or mobs will not be able to attack her, unless you use a fruit, a Boss or have some improvement.

Active Skills: Fried Dough (1 Mastery), Roller Donut (50 Mastery), Sticky Dough (100 Mastery), Carved Dough (200 Mastery), and Restless Dough Barrage (300 Mastery).

  • Type: Paramecia/Natural
  • Price (Belgium): 2.800.000
  • Price (Robux): 2.400

7: dark

Blox fruits dark
Blox Fruit – Dark

Passive Skill: Now it's time for us to talk about Dark in this list of the best fruits from Blox Fruits. And an important fact about her is that the character is immune to all types of physical attacks. But this immunity only works if you are a certain amount of levels above the enemy, or if the target does not have any enhancements activated.

Active Skills (Unawakened Version): Dark Rock (1 Mastery), Black Spiral (40 Mastery), Black Hole (80 Mastery), and Dark Bomb (110 Mastery).

Active Skill (Awakened Version): Dimensional Slash (500 Shards), Ghastly Step (2,000 Shards), Abyssal Darkness (3,000 Shards), Endless Hole (4,000 Shards), and World of Darkness (5,000 Shards).

  • Type: Logia/ Elemental
  • Price (Belgium): 500.000
  • Price (Robux): 950

8: Buddha

Blox fruits buddha
Blox Fruit – Buddha

Passive Skill: We arrived at the penultimate fruit on this list with the best Blox Fruits, which is none other than Buddha. With it, the character can transform into a giant golden Buddha, achieving a 50% damage reduction from enemies. Not to mention the shock wave it will cause on small enemies and can jump 2x higher.

Another fact regarding this fruit's passive ability is that it can hit enemies farther away than normal with its body and sword.

Active Skills (Unawakened Version): Transform (1 Mastery), Impact (1 Mastery), Buddha Leap (100 Mastery), and Buddha Explosion (200 Mastery).

Active Skill (Awakened Version): Shif (500 Fragments), Heavenly Impacty (3,000 Fragments), Light of Annihilation (Costs 4,000 Fragments), Twilight of The Gods (5,000 Fragments), and Retribution Dash (2,000 Fragments).

  • Type: Zoan/Beast
  • Price (Belgium): 1.200.000
  • Price (Robux): 1.650

9: Control

Blox fruits control
Blox Fruit – Control
  • Type: Paramecia/Natural
  • Price (Belgium): 3.200.000
  • Price (Robux): 2.500

Passive Skill: To close this list with the 9 best Blox Fruits, we will talk about Control's passive skill. That however, Control movements can only be used within the area that the character creates and lasts for a few seconds.

Active Skills: Control Area (Mastery 1), Levitate (Mastery 1), Echo Knife (Mastery 150), Gamma Rush (Mastery 350) and Teleport (Mastery 250).

And that's the end of another article of ours, where we mention some of the best fruits from Blox Fruits. If you liked the content you read, please share this article with all your friends and on all your Social Networks.


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