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All of Nezuko's Powers

Learn all about the powers and transformations of this incredible character!

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Without a doubt we can say that Nezuko Kamado gained a lot of notoriety an anime of Demon Slayer. Below are some curiosities about all his powers developed throughout the anime. 

So that we can refresh our memory a little and remember a little about this great character, you will see a little about her story as well. Well, it all starts when Tanjiro, his older brother, sells his products, which in this case was coal, and brings food to help his family. 

In the meantime, she and her family are attacked by a demon, also known as Oni. This demon was nothing more than Muzan who in turn is the villain of the anime is known as the father of demons.

Nezuko's powers

All of Nezuko's Powers
All of Nezuko's Powers

After the attack, Tanjiro's entire family suffered a terrible tragedy only Nezuko survived only that had a side effect she turned into an Oni however, from the beginning she proved to be different and over time she managed to develop and control some powers .

Changing your size

The first demonstration of Nezuko's demonic abilities was impressive. She has demonstrated the ability to alter her body size and age, a limited shape shift. In her first fight against Tanjiro as a demon, she was able to increase her muscles and bone structure enough to surpass Tanjiro, who is older than her.

It shows the incredible strength she possesses as a demon and how she can adapt to situations. Furthermore, this skill also shows your determination to protect yourself and your loved ones. Over the course of the story, we're likely to see more of Nezuko's incredible abilities.

Nezuko's Melee Combat

Despite not having received combat training like the Hunters, Nezuko has shown to be capable of holding her own in a fight. Recently, she even surpassed Tanjiro in fighting level demons. upper moon. It is important to highlight that she was about to beat Daki.

This proves that even without formal training, she has remarkable natural abilities and incredible strength. Furthermore, his demonic abilities, such as the ability to change his body size and age, further enhance his combat power. Of course, the journey of training and developing his skills is still ongoing, but his performance in fighting demons is really impressive.

Strength, speed and durability

All of Nezuko's Powers
Nezuko - All Powers

Despite being probably the weakest among the moon-level or higher-ranked demons, Nezuko managed to humiliate Daki, which indicates that she can confidently stand up to someone like Daki's brother or even Akaza, thanks to her increased strength. of his demonic powers.

Furthermore, the fact that Nezuko was able to defeat Daki, a stronger demon, shows that she has great potential and that she can continue to evolve and increase her strength. This can also be a sign to her opponents that they shouldn't underestimate her, as she can surprise them with her skill in combat. The combination of her determination and demonic powers make Nezuko a force to be reckoned with and feared.

Self-sustenance and hibernation

Regardless of Muzan's intentions in turning Nezuko into a demon, it looks like his experiment is proving successful. Nezuko quickly stood out from the rest of the demons by becoming semi-independent of human blood as her food source. Unlike other demons who would starve to death, Nezuko only grows weak when deprived of human blood.


All of Nezuko's Powers
Self Regeneration – Nezuko

Upon reaching his Awakened or True Form, Nezuko acquired a regeneration ability comparable to that of higher level demons than the Moon, demonstrating the potency of Muzan's blood. This ability allows her to instantly regenerate lost limbs and heal serious wounds.

Furthermore, this regeneration ability is a clear sign of Nezuko's constant evolution as a demon, and it's safe to say that she will continue to evolve and become stronger as she faces challenges and fights enemies. 

With her keen survival instincts and ability to regenerate, she could be a force to be reckoned with and has the potential to become one of the strongest demons in all of the work.

The power to control the blood

Nezuko's ability to remain immortal in her Awakened Form is thanks to her blood, which has malleable properties. She is able to control her blood as if it were a muscle or limb, clotting it to have better control over it when exposed. This allows her to alter the shape of her blood, turning it from liquid to solid and back again.

Furthermore, this ability helps her control her blood even when she is outside her body, which is a unique advantage in combat. She can use her blood to attack or defend herself, making her a formidable opponent for any foe. Thanks to her ability to effectively control her blood, Nezuko is one of the forces to be reckoned with in the fight against demons.

The first blood demon art

Nezuko's most powerful technique against her own kind is her special blood, which is deadly to other demons. She can instantly ignite her own blood into a pink flame when utilizing her blood control abilities. 

This skill is known as her formal Blood Demonic Art, which is Pyrokinesis. In addition to causing painful burns to demons in contact with it, it also prevents demonic regeneration. This technique has already been used by her to burn Rui's threads, dispel Enmu's dream spell and, of course, to face Daki.

And this was a bit about trivia about all of Nezuko's powers. See too What is Yandere? And understand everything about it. And in the following video see more about all of Nezuko's powers.

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