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Reward FF: How to redeem codes on the Official Free Fire website

Find out how Garena's official website works to redeem Free Fire rewards, such as Angelic Pants, skins, diamonds, etc.

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Reward FF is the official Garena Free Fire website and the only way to redeem in-game rewards, from the most basic to the most desired, all through promotional codes, also known as codiguin.

Here you will find a guide detailing everything you need to know to redeem Free Fire promotional codes using the Reward FF website. Thus clearing all doubts that may exist, about what Free Fire Rewards is, and how to use this tool.

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What is Reward FF?

Garena, developer of Free Fire created a system for redeeming in-game rewards through codes. Through this system, it is possible to earn free rewards within the game, such as diamonds, skins, characters, battle pass...

To earn and redeem the rewards, players need to use the official website, Reward FF. This site can be accessed by any web browser, be it by cell phone, computer, tablet, even Android emulators, commonly used to play FF on the computer.

These codes always have between 12 and 16 characters, being a combination of letters, numbers and characters. It is also important to reinforce that the vast majority of codes have a deadline to be redeemed, have redemption limits, for example single redemption codes, etc.

How to get Free Fire codes?

The codes are made available by the company itself, most of them on Garena Free Fire's own social networks or during special occasions, such as events and championships. But Garena, as a way to promote the game, partners with content creators by giving codes so that they can make sweepstakes for their audience.

There is also the option of using sites that list Free Fire codes, gathering the codes that are still active for redemption, as we do here at News Geek. Through a search and internet filtering, they list the codes to make the player's life easier.

How to use Reward FF and redeem Free Fire Rewards Codes.

The process for redeeming a codiguin in Reward FF is very simple and takes only about 2 minutes to complete, for that, just follow the step by step:

  1. Go to the Reward FF website:
    Using any web browser, both on mobile and computer, access the website Reward FF (
Reward ff login screen
Reward FF login screen
  1. Login with your Free Fire account:
    Access the website with the same account used in Free Fire where you want the reward to be sent. If you created your account with Facebook, Google... use these methods to access the platform.
  1. Where to put the code?:
    Enter the code to redeem in the specific field. Garena's official codes have between 12 and 16 characters. Click to redeem, if the code is valid, a message confirming the redemption success will be displayed, and the reward will be sent directly to the game within a period of up to 24 hours.
ff bounty redemption
FF reward redemption

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