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Discover 9 Incredible Facts About Tanjiro Kamado!

The most incredible facts about Demon Hunter Tanjiro!

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Today we will bring you 9 incredible facts about Tanjiro Kamado, who is none other than the protagonist of Demon Slayer. This Anime that even became a great success, and certainly one of those responsible for this success is Tanjiro.

And in case you still don't know who he is, he's a young man who just overnight sees his life change completely. Because he ended up being inserted into a world that he barely knew existed, and yes, we will tell you who Tanjiro Kamado is.

Who is Tanjiro Kamado?

Who is tanjiro kamado
Image: Playback/Tanjiro Kamado

He was a member of a very simple and traditional family that lived in the mountains, they made their living by selling charcoal. This family, which consisted of his mother and 5 younger brothers and sisters, lived very happily.

Remember I said that this family lived from selling coal? It was on a trip to sell coal that everything changed in young Tanjiro's life.

Upon returning home, this after sleeping a night away, he simply finds almost all of his family decimated, except his sister. nezuko🇧🇷 However, Nezuko, despite not having died, ended up becoming an Oni. And in case you are curious or curious to know who was responsible for this massacre, he is called Muzan, an antagonist demon of the series.

The Journey and Origin of Tanjiro Kamado

The Origin of Tanjiro Kamado
Image: Publicity/Tanjiro Kamado

As you might already be guessing, his story and origin has 2 main threads: Turning his sister back into a human and taking revenge on the demon that exterminated his family. And it was precisely with these goals in mind that the young man began to walk his path and found his first trainer, Urokodaki. He is a masked man of great skill with swordsmanship, not to mention his incredible gift for teaching and guiding Tanjiro.

Two years of training have passed, and so the boy is already prepared and acquires mastery over Water Breathing. And it was after this training that young Kamado decides to participate in selective training to join an organization that hunts onis🇧🇷 Having as one of his goals to better understand the Onis and then be able to find a way to reverse his sister's transformation.

And yes, he was approved to hand over to this organization, where he ends up meeting two characters who would become great friends and journey companions in the future. And yes, I'm talking about Zenitsu and Inosuke.

Without further ado, now let's finally talk about these 9 incredible facts about Tanjiro Kamado, come with me and check them out below.

1: Sleep Too Little

tanjiro sleep
Image: Playback/Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro is a person who is always exercising and tends to frequently push his body to the limit. And so it ends up being surprising that he sleeps very little. It is noteworthy that he is always one of the first people to get out of bed early in the morning. Not to mention the fact that he is an extremely light sleeper, any small noise can make him wake up.

2: Understand what the birds say

Tanjiro and the birds
Image: Publicity/Tanjiro Kamado

He absolutely is one of the most peace-loving and earth-loving people around. And this personality of his ends up attracting a lot of quick attachment in his life from those people who end up meeting him along his journey.

In short, he is so pure of heart that he is able to understand what the birds around him are saying.

3: Tanjiro Kamado Pulled His Mother's Stiff Forehead

tanjiro's mother
Image: Playback/Tanjiro's mother

As we know, Anime fans or any other production usually notice the smallest details of a certain character, and Tanjiro was no different. For Demon Slayer fans would have noticed that Tanjiro has a very hard forehead. This is due to the fact that he is always headbutting people, making his forehead a surprise weapon, although it is mostly used for comedic purposes.

And yes, by all indications, that hard forehead of his comes from genetics, being a trait on his mother's side.

4: His Smell Made the Village Trust Him

smell of tanjiro kamado
Image: Publicity/Tanjiro Kamado

When reading the title of this curiosity about Tanjiro Kamado, most likely you didn't understand anything, but don't worry, I'll explain. In fact, his sense of smell is very keen, which is why the village relied on him to find missing people.

So then, you must be understanding that the people around him were aware of his keen sense of smell. And he used his sense of smell to locate people who went missing, turning him into a local detective.

5: Your Earrings Were Censored in China and South Korea

tanjiro earrings
Image: Playback/Tanjiro Kamado

We all know that Tanjiro's character designer is extremely iconic, especially his remarkable rising sun earrings. However, the designer of your earrings are banned in some places like China and also South Korea.

And this is because the symbol of the Rising Sun is still associated with the atrocities that the Japanese committed during the World War.

6: A Great Judge of Character

tanjiro character
Image: Publicity/Tanjiro Kamado

I don't know if you've noticed, but a lot of people find him a bit naive, and sometimes those people have a point. However, Tanjiro only trusts those people he considers to be good, and most of the time he is correct.

What turns out to be a little strange is the precision he has in perceiving whether a certain person has a good character or not.

7: Can't Keep a Straight Face When Lying

Tanjiro Kamado smiling
Image: Playback/Tanjiro Kamado

As we know, he has an extremely pure heart, and with that it's practically impossible to imagine Tanjiro doing something deceitful... Even when he's facing an enemy. With this, we can imagine that it is impossible for him to lie and keep a straight face, as he cannot find the lie within himself.

8: Your Name Has a Kanji for Charcoal

kanji tanjiro kamado
Image: Publicity/Tanjiro Kamado

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Tanjiro Kamado's family dealt in coal, and that's why he escaped execution. Because, as we said, he was out of the house, transporting coal to sell just at the moment that his family was executed.

But returning to the focus of this fact, I don't know if you know, but your past is permanently engraved in your name. The first kanji for his name means coal. This is paired with the other two kanji in his name, "ji" (to heal) and "ro" (son).

9: He Saw His Family Members Dying More Than Once

kamado family
Image: Playback/Kamado Family

If you were thinking that the only time he saw members of his family die in the massacre episode, know that you were wrong. Well, know that this wasn't the first time he went to his village and saw someone in his family dead.

He was the first person to discover that his father and grandmother were on the verge of death in the past, his sharp nose detected. Not to mention that on another occasion he went to another house in the village to report that someone in his family was dying.

And that's the end of this content of ours where I brought you 9 curious facts about Tanjiro Kamado. If you liked the content, please share it on all your Social Networks and with all your friends.


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