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Who is Nezuko? Learn All About the Character!

Tanjiro's sister and hope for a cure for Oni transformations, find out who Nezuko Kamado is!

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Many people came up to me and asked me the following question, who is Nezuko? And obviously, we're going to talk about everything about this character from Demon Slayer, including her abilities, backstory, and obviously, we're going to talk about who Nezuko is.

And I'll tell you right away that she is one of the main characters in Demon Slayer, and at first, we only know her as a human. A human who lived a life with her brothers, where they all lived with her mother, but already in the first episode, her life changes completely. The younger sister of Tanjiro became a omni, which is full of mysteries its own power and survival.

After all, who is Nezuko?

After all, who is nezuko
Image: Playback/Nezuko

Well, I want to start by saying that she is part of a main group of hunters that rarely appears, either in battles or in common scenes. She's a girl we rarely see fight, but when she does, get ready, because you're going to see iconic fights. And it's exactly in these fights that we can realize the size of her power, in addition to how brutal she can be.

One point that maybe you still don't know is that she is different from other demons, especially when it comes to her food and hunger.

Remember that I said that she became an "Oni", so this is nothing more than the demons in which she is a part. And these Onis, are demon hunters, who for centuries have been monsters that devoured the flesh of humans, this is their way of staying alive and strong.

However, unlike other demons, Nezuko doesn't eat human flesh, much less needs it to keep up with energy. And do you know how Nezuko manages to regain her strength and energy? Just slept.

It is this detail that involves the way she uses to recover her energies that is still a big mystery for the public that only watches the anime.

Nezuko, Your Past

Well, now that we've made a good introduction about who Nezuko is, we'll talk about her background and go over all the details. At the beginning of this content, we had already said that she lived with her mother and her younger brothers, they lived on top of the mountains.

Among all her brothers, Nezuko is the second oldest, and her family cradle was full of love, care and affection. We even saw, in scenes presented throughout the Animation, all the love and affection that existed between mother and daughter.

Only something terrible ends up happening, his whole family suffers an attack, which was led by none other than Muzan, the King of Demons. The only survivor is precisely Nezuko, who was transformed into an Oni.

Tanjiro is her older brother, and he didn't often live in that house, and he was the one who witnessed that terrible scenario because of the attack. Tanjiro even tried to save his sister, but realized that she had become a demon. However, after he found Tomioka - the Hashira of Water, that happened in the Forest, he could see that his sister was different from the other demons. And it is from here that the story of struggles and adventures lived together by these two brothers begins.

Nezuko's Personality

Well, we're talking about who Nezuko is, and obviously, we couldn't leave out one of the main topics about her, her personality. I'm already going to tell you that she is a sweet, kind, adorable, calm girl who also tends to say very little. And she used to say little since before she became an Oni and had to walk around with that bamboo in her mouth.

One of her highlights is that the girl tends to think of others before herself, but ironically, she was turned into a demon. Despite being turned into a demon, she still retains her desire to protect other people. Because I don't know if you know, Nezuko can control her desire for human blood and flesh.

She doesn't allow anyone to treat her brother Tanjiro with neglect or hurt him, after all, he is the last member of her family.

Nezuko's Abilities

Nezuko's Skills
Image: Disclosure/Nezuko

Although she is not one of the members of the 12 Moons of Muzan, I'm already advancing you that Nezuko is as powerful or even more powerful than some of the elite members of the Demon King. Well, among its characteristics, one that draws a lot of attention is that of changing its size. By changing her size, she manages to go from a cute little child to an extremely menacing woman who is generally frightening.

But she doesn't just have this ability that draws a lot of attention, another is that she doesn't need to eat humans to survive. In fact, we've even talked about her ability before and all the mystery surrounding this fact in Anime.

Remembering that she is very different from the other demons, and one of these differences is that she does not train and does not feed on the “traditional demonic menu”. Ah, it is worth mentioning that all his strength comes naturally due to Muzan's blood.

Anyway, here we talk a summary about her skills and also during the course of the content, you learned who Nezuko is. And if you liked the content, please share it with all your friends and also on all your Social Networks.

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