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Animal Face: What animal do you look like?

Meet the Application that will awaken your Animal side!

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Do you like pets and are curious to know which animal you look like? Then your problems are solved thanks to Animal Face! Get to know this application that turns you into an animal right now.

It's nothing new that technology is getting more and more advanced and that it's possible to do a lot of things with your cell phone, and the latest thing at the moment is Animal Face. An application that will transform your face into a cute little animal. So if you are an animal lover and love to consume content about pets on the internet, get to know this super fun app that just arrived.

With it you will find out which animal you look like. This is yet another way for you, your friends and family to be entertained. Well, with the Animal Face application, fun is guaranteed! Come learn the step by step to use the application and thus share your animal face with the crowd.

Features of Animal Face

Without a doubt, this application will awaken your wild side, because it brings a different and super authentic proposal for transformation, making the animal you choose have its characteristics while keeping your eyes on the photo.

In addition to adding an animal's face to your photos with Animal Face, you can also edit the image so that it has impeccable quality. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. And you can still blur the background of the image, put a blur in some part that you want to hide, and also put shadows and highlights, that is, you can do a complete edition.

animal face
Illustrative picture

The application has more than 40 different animal faces, so you can unleash your creativity and imagination, and thus, put your face as many times as you want on different animals. Some animal options to put your face on photo: tiger, lion, gorilla, panda, sheep, cat, dog, monkey, pig, wolf, birds and much more!

See what are the positive points of the application

In Animal Face you will find several functions that stand out, being the most complete application in this category, and that is why we have prepared a list so that you can check out the best features in this application. Learn more about the digital experience that animal face has to offer:

  • Available on secure platforms;
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use application;
  • Organized and well-produced design;
  • Uses little storage space;
  • High quality editions;
  • It has several editing tools;
  • Free application.

Tips for using the app

As mentioned above, Animal Face has a very intuitive interface, that is, it is very easy to use. But now we are going to give you some tips so that you can use the application in the best possible way, and thus obtain satisfactory results.

There are two options to transform your face into an animal, either through photos that already exist in your gallery, or by taking a new photo instantly through the application.

If you choose to use a photo from your gallery, opt for selfies. Because the app will more easily recognize your face, as selfies are just pictures of your face. That way, when editing the chosen animal you will have an excellent result because its face will be in focus.

animal face
Illustrative picture

If you choose to take a photo instantly, the tip is, choose to take the photo in a well-lit place, as lighting is a very important part for a good photo. The second tip is to center your face well, so that when you do your animal transformation, you can get the best possible result.

How to download and use Animal Face

You can find this application available for download in the two main smartphone application stores. Both on the Play Store and the App Store. And so that you can install it quickly and safely, just click on the buttons below according to your cell phone's operating system to install the free application.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

After installing the application on your cell phone, you can start using all the available functions to transform your photo into an animal. The application is very functional as you can already find all the tools available to carry out the edits on the first screen. All tools are represented by easily identifiable icons. That way you won't find it difficult to use.

animal face
Illustrative picture

See below the step by step to learn how to use Animal Face:

  • 1st step: Choose between using an image from your gallery or taking a snapshot. Give permission for the app to access your photo gallery and also allow access to the camera.
  • 2nd step: After choosing the desired image, just select which animal you want to use. If you want to change the animal, click on the trash can icon at the top of the screen and remove the animal that is on the screen, and then choose which one will be next.
  • 3rd step: Now you just need to adjust the animal's face in the photo until it fits perfectly in the photo.
  • 4th step: As soon as you reach the desired result, click on the arrow located in the upper right corner of your screen, this way the sharing options will appear, you can be sharing this image on all your social networks such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and much more most! Or if you wish, you can save the image in your gallery.

Final considerations

See how Animal Face is super fun and easy to use? Take the opportunity right now to share this super news with your friends. And don't forget, that in addition to merging your face with an animal, you can also do this with your friends' faces!

So have fun seeing how the crowd will look with the animals' faces and share them on your social networks. If you like this type of transformation app, also see how to transform 3D drawing photos.

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