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Should you have a virtual private server to play on?

Find out what it is and if you need a Virtual Private Server to play!

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Many internet gamers have never heard of the term VPS, but maybe they should know. As well as keeping a VPN for games It is a relevant measure to safeguard the machine's cybersecurity in contacts in the virtual world, VPS has its important advantages in everyday life.

The meaning of the acronym VPS is Virtual Private Server, or, in Portuguese, virtual private server. It is a category of hosting on the internet, specifically aimed at the world of electronic entertainment.

Games on the internet always depend on some kind of internet hosting for interactions to happen. Both requirements and offerings of this type grow as games evolve into more complex and interactive creations.

What is VPS hosting?

A schematic explanation of VPS hosting is to think of having your own computer online remotely somewhere. While not a super-powerful hosting option, rather a chunk of virtual server functionality, it is a whole computational appliance for practical purposes.

This feature is enough to meet the memory and processing capacity needs of a typical virtual game. However, VPS configuration may require some specific technical knowledge, such as:

  • Install and configure an operating system for the VPS
  • Install and configure applications, including the game in question, and control network connectivity to the game

For this purpose, it may be quite relevant to choose to hire a managed VPS plan, to get assistance from the hosting service with the necessary tasks. But, after all, what are the clear advantages of maintaining a VPS service for gamers?

Advantages of having a VPS for gaming

Stability and cost-effectiveness: compared to a home server, a VPS delivers much better results for daily use for those willing to spend a modest amount.

Guaranteed features: the main advantage is being able to have memory, disk space, CPU cores and other fundamental objective attributes to decently run a high-performance game without flickering.

Essentially, it's about getting exactly what you pay for, which doesn't always happen when we talk about the delivery of connection and technology services in Brazil.

Security: The universe of virtual games can be quite competitive. More than that, it can open doors of contact with people from all over the planet in many situations.

One of the threats that can emerge from the competitiveness and impersonality of this universe is the DDoS attack. The acronym DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a harmful attitude taken by an agent on the Internet of bombarding a server with too many concurrent requests coming from multiple sources.

With the server overloaded, it can go down and harm other players. Similar to a gaming VPN, a dedicated VPS also prevents the incidence of DDoS attacks and some other types of digital vulnerabilities.

Diversity of server locations: the location of a server plays a very important role in increasing or decreasing the latency in communications from the players' machines. The higher the latency, the worse the gameplay tends to be, with “lags” and delays that can result in losses in competitiveness.

If the demand for the game is concentrated in Brazil or South America, for example, opting for local VPS hosting will be a good option to solve these types of problems related to connectivity.

Disadvantages of Keeping a VPS for Gaming

Management: Despite offering greater possibilities for traffic control, a gaming VPS is much more complicated to deal with than home or shared hosting. Without good advice for this service, performance or security issues can start to appear.

Responsibility for server maintenance: Again, let's compare VPS to shared hosting. While the latter places the hosting provider in the role of being responsible for server updates, the former transfers the responsibility for applying security patches and solving system problems to the payer. Therefore, without technical knowledge, this hiring is almost certain to also result in additional expenses with a competent professional to fill these gaps.

some good practices

First, the use of a firewall comes in handy to control the traffic coming into a server, as well as what goes out. In some versions of VPS Linux, such a device is already installed, as in the case of UFW in Ubuntu. It is recommended to check and configure firewall case by case.

Second, one of the advantages of a VPS is to allow traffic exclusively from IPs with trusted connections. In this way, doors are not opened for virtual attacks of various types.

Brute-force shots, for example, can be a big setback using specific ports on the server, which are also “shielded” when there is some selectivity regarding frequenting IPs.

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