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Discover the best free photo editing apps

The best mobile editors that you don't have to pay anything to use!

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Currently, the search for the perfect photo is the desire of many people, but it is not so easy to obtain. Because there are a number of factors that contribute to a photo being really good, such as angle, lighting and others. But if you're not very good at it, don't worry, there are apps for To edit Photos that will help you get the perfect photo.

When that photo doesn't come out so cool, or you have that pimple getting in the way of your selfie, you don't have to despair. Because the editors that we are going to present will be the salvation for your photos.

One of the biggest secrets to making your photos perform well on social media is their quality. So if you want to have wonderful photos to post on your feed, and thus get lots of likes and be popular on Instagram, you need to know how to edit your photos.

And doing it on your phone is very easy, you just need to know which are the best apps to edit your photos. And that way you will get wonderful photos with quality similar to that of bloggers!

There are many apps for editing photos, but we are here to tell you which ones are the best. So that your photos look beautiful and super instagrammable. Also, if you are a photography professional, these apps are for you too.

That's because using them you have several options, ranging from editing photos to creating advertising campaigns. Creating complex layouts and designs will be easy as photo editors will help you with that.

Want to know what these apps are? So continue here and check out, in the following list, some of the most used photo apps and the differentials of each platform.

Advantages of Photo Editing Apps

First of all, the advantage is that all the apps that we are going to show you are available for both iPhone and Android users. That way there is no exception, everyone can use and enjoy its various features.

So if you want to hide blemishes, scars, pimples, create effects, put on makeup, want to remove people from your photo, these photo editing apps are perfect for you.

Because with them you can do all that and more! Nothing better than having a little help from technology to improve the quality of your photos.

Not to mention that the interface of these photo editors are super organized and intuitive, that is, you won't have any difficulties to use them. App tools are well positioned and interactive. That way, in just a few minutes, you'll get your photos beautiful and with your face.

1. Facetune 2

facetune 2 is a free photo editing app aimed at editing selfies, and let's start with it because it will undoubtedly improve your photos. Available for both android and IOS, click below and install the app:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

The application's tools allow you to adjust the face (thin or flatten), lighten the skin, hide imperfections, highlight some areas of the face, add filters, makeup, beams of light, among others.

This app is specific to handle face photos, which is the differential of this editor. Its strengths of the application are related to the quality of the editing features, which modify the photo in a natural way. In other words, yours selfies did not remain as a “false” or “artificial” aspect.

Best facetune 2 photo editing apps
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In addition, it has options to crop, flip, rotate, straighten or change the aspect ratio of the image. You can still count on the filters that are offered. And to top it off, you can use the app to frame the photo with effects like blur, all adjustable according to the user's needs.

To have access to all the tools of the app, you need to pay R$ 14.99 per month, although it is possible to edit photos in the free version of the app. facetune 2.

2. PicsArt

The most beloved App of the moment and that couldn't be left out of our list of the best apps to edit photos. O picsart It's a great option for you who have creativity, because with it you can unleash your imagination and edit your photos the way you want. Click below and install the app:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

It does photo montage and brings together several editing functions. The app offers more than a hundred categories of filters, tools to edit the face, stickers and frames. Also, you can create collages, drawings and stickers. O picsart It is also a video editor and allows users to customize photo videos with music.

Among the advantages of PicsArt, it is possible to mention this dual function of the application as an image and video editor, and the large number of innovative tools, such as the popular Sketch, Glitch and Aesthetic Stickers effects.

Best apps to edit picsart photo
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However, there is a downside because not all features of the app are free. So if you want to use all the tools in the app, you'll have to pay. But don't be sad because using only the free version, you'll be able to make great edits to your photos.

3. Adobe Lightroom

For those looking for a more professional footprint, lightroom is one of the best apps to edit your photos. It's a super famous app, and it's no accident, because it delivers a lot of quality in the editions. It really manages to transform images. Click below and install:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

With it you can adjust the light of the photo, control the color characteristics, apply effects and details, preview the image before and after by touching the screen and use the automatic correction.

The interesting part of the app is that it brings professional tools in an intuitive way to edit photos on your phone in just a few taps. In addition, the features make the photo with a good quality, and the app offers tutorials and tips in the home menu.

Adobe lightroom
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Let's be clear that Lightroom has premium features for subscribers for a price of R$ 19 monthly. But if you're not willing to pay for these features, don't worry. Because even with this limitation you will be able to take very good photos with it.

4. VSCO Cam

O VSCO Cam It is one of the most famous apps for editing photos. His success is so eminent that he won a aesthetic which are the VSCO Girls. And it's not for nothing that he has this reputation, because he really is a differentiated editor, with many particularities. Install the app by clicking below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

With VSCO Cam you can edit both photos and videos. That way you can create montages, adjust exposure, contrast, sharpness and clarity of images. In addition, it has ten filter presets to be used in your photos.

And you even have the possibility to include multiple filters in just one content to create a new effect. When you create an effect you can save it in the app. This is very interesting because this way you can use a pattern for your photos. That it will be totally new because it was created, so no one will have an edition like yours.

vsco cam
Illustrative picture

Another positive point of this app is its preview, which is done in grids, which is very similar to the Instagram view. This lets you preview how the photos looked in your feed before you even post them on your Insta. Which helps a lot to keep your organized feed!

Although the video editor allows you to add images and create collages on the go, the feature is only available for premium accounts.

5. prequel

To close our list, let's talk about the prequel, this editor who arrived winning hearts. That's because it has more than a hundred filters and effects that give your photos another look. In it you will find those filters that have become a trend on Instagram. Download the app by clicking below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

The filters are divided into Retro, Futuristic, Vintage, Disco, among others, and many people use them in their social network Stories. The application also has tools to correct possible face defects and provides frames that bring an Tumblr for the content.

Best apps to edit prequel photos
Illustrative picture

You can make adjustments to the filters you use, in addition to being able to create combinations between them, creating custom effects. A positive point of the app is its usability.

In addition to all these benefits, you can also edit photos in 3D and create videos with a vintage aesthetic, with a 90s vibe that is super high.

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