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Music with Photo on WhatsApp Status!

Add music to your WhatsApp Status Photos and have the best Status

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WhatsApp, a surprising messaging and voice calling app that millions of Brazilians use. The most used app in Brazil, after all, many people use it to communicate, including its commercial branch, WhatsApp Business. But you've probably seen a friend posting a photo with music on their status.

This feature can be found on Instagram and also on Facebook. But unfortunately it is not yet available for WhatsApp. And that's why we at NewsGeek wrote this article, to show that there are methods for posting photos with music on the app.

Even if you save the story with music, when you switch to WhatsApp, it cannot recognize the music you want. Therefore, this function is not yet available. However, there are apps that can do this for you, which add photos and music to post on Whats status. Very cool feature, so you will be able to leave the status with your face and favorite songs, for the photo or moment!

Mobile with whatsapp
Cell Phone with WhatsApp Status – Illustrative Image

Finally, stop breaking your head trying to post photos with music in the status, we will teach you the step by step, very simple for you to do this. Now your most beautiful photos with your favorite music. Read on for the step by step!

See how to put photos with music in Wpp status!

First of all, to be able to put photos with music from the zap, you will need an app, in which we indicate the CapCut. We separated this app, simply because it is very popular and easy to use. A video editor that will help you put music on your photos to post on WhatsApp. A complete application, with several tools for editing, photos and videos.

Some of these editing tools are: crop, adjust and reverse, all very simple and very intuitive. In addition, it features several cool effects for editing and improving photos and videos. Such as, auto correction, beauty filters, light change and etc. So you will be able to edit your photos and videos, in the way you find the most beautiful to post.

With CapCut, you have a plethora of options to create cool, fun and exciting photos and videos. Just use your imagination and impress your friends.

Learn how to use CapCut

First of all, you need to download the app on your device, and don't worry, it's on the Google Play (Android) and App Store (IOS) platform. And the best, free to download, so we leave the button below available for download, just click and download:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website
  • Ready! After installing it on the device, when I open the app, click on “accept” and then on the “+” icon, once this is done, the editing will start.
  • The next step is to select the image or video file that you want to edit, once selected, click on “add”.
  • Soon a yellow question box will appear, but click anywhere on the screen to disappear!
  • And tools like cutting, effects and transitions, including texts, will be in evidence for you to edit. All editing options are below. Note: use your imagination and creativity for editing.
  • Likewise, click on “add audio”, and the app will give you options for editing audio, effects, etc.

You can add background sound to your videos, so if there is voice in the video, it will have two audio tracks, to be as original as possible. See that there are several tools, one of them, the “voiceover”, which can add a recording of your voice. But you can also add songs, from the genre you like the most, in the “sounds” option, just choose the category, such as romance, rhythm, etc.

Step by step to put music in photos

After you choose your photo for the post, you will select the song you like the most. Click the download icon to be able to listen to the selected song. After listening to the song, the “+” icon is highlighted in this same tab, just click to add the song to the photo. Once that's done, drag the track/audio bar to fit the music to the clip the way you like and want.

Capcut layouts adding photo and music
Various Editing CapCut Layouts – Illustrative Image

Check if the duration of the video you created is correct, if not as you want, just adjust the duration time of the photo. That is, select the clip/video where the photo is, and click on “edit”. After that, in the corner of the video screen, you will see a white bar, which you need to drag to the point you want to adjust the duration. But remember, that in the status of Whatsapp, only 30 seconds is allowed.

Finally, your video is ready, however at the end you will see the CapCut brand/logo on the video. If you want to remove the logo, you have the option to remove it, so it will not appear in the status. So if that's the case, you just need to select the clip that has the logo, and click “Edit”, and then click to “Delete” the logo.

After doing all these steps, just save the video to your phone. Click on the arrow in the upper right corner, and wait until the video export is complete. In this way, you will be able to share directly on WhatsApp by selecting the Status. If you want to create another one, just click on “Done”, so you can start another edit.

These are basic edits for posting photos with music on WhatsApp, however, there are several functions in the app. You can share with emojis, memes, photo filters, and more. Use your imagination to make an edit that is cool, fun, and moreover, that is your face.

other apps

Well, we only focused on one app, which can help you to post photos with music on WhatsApp status. But there are certainly several other apps with the same purpose, which are also very good to use. In addition to being applications that are available on Google Play and also on the AppStore, that is, Android and IOS devices respectively. Here are some apps that help you post photos with music on WhatsApp status:

  • shot: another editing app, and free for app stores, very good and very well rated by users.
  • Clips: with the same purpose as the others mentioned, also a video editor, and free for Android and IOS users.

Any of the mentioned apps can deliver the photo proposal with music well. However, the CapCut, for us, the application is more complete and simpler to use.

Final considerations

Anyway, we at NewsGeek are grateful that you made it this far, and we hope we have helped and educated you enough to post photos with music. We separated the CapCut application, as we believe it is a good application for this purpose, in addition to making the App available for download. Finally, we hope it helped you, and if you liked it, share this article with your friends, so you help us a lot. We wish you a good week, and a big hug, and until next time!

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