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Amazon Just Opened Three New Warehouses in Brazil

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The week has already started quite busy at Amazon here in Brazil, as the company announced today that it will open three more new warehouses. These new distribution points aim to enable the company to deliver parcels as quickly as possible in 500 cities. We all know that in the US orders arrive in up to two days, Amazon Prime customers will be able to have this benefit here in our country.

Obviously, it won't be anything we buy on the internet that arrives within two days, but only people who buy on Amazon. Recently the government announced that it intends to privatize the Post Office, is Amazon's move aimed at a possible purchase of this delivery service?

How many warehouses does Amazon have in Brazil?

Before announcing the opening of these two new warehouses, Amazon had only 5 distribution centers here in Brazil, that is, there are now eight. These five centers were four in the Big Sao Paulo (Cajamar and Barueri) and the other is in the metropolitan region of Recife.

The three new warehouses opened this Monday are in Minas Gerais in the city of Betin, in Santa Maria in the Federal District and in Rio Grande do Sul in the city of Nova Santa Rita. However, when looking at the regions of Brazil, we can see that there are currently 5 in the Southeast, 4 (SP) and 1 (Betin-MG). And only one distribution center in the SOUTH 1 (Nova Santa Rita-RS), Midwest, 1 (Santa Maria-DF) and Northeast 1 (Recife-PE) regions.

In the North region, which is the largest region in Brazil in terms of territory but the smallest in population, there is still no Warehouse. However, Alex Szapiro, country manager of Amazon Brazil, issued a statement that read as follows: “This expansion will help us to further improve the service to Brazilian customers, not only in the states where we are opening the DCs, but throughout the country”.

Other Companies That Are Renting Out Warehouses

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We know that the Post Office leaves something to be desired when it comes to delivering parcels, so many companies are leaving it and opting for other means. As an example, we have Magalu, currently this company already has 17 delivery warehouses across the country, which however, uses its physical stores to distribute products as well.

In addition to Magalu and Amazon, Mercado Livre is also choosing to open a distribution center here in Brazil. Currently, ML has only two warehouses, both in the state of São Paulo, but will open a third in Bahia.

Speaking of opening Armazéns, the three New ones that Amazon recently opened here in Brazil had the collaboration of some people. Among these collaborations we had some governors such as Romeu Zema, Ibaneis Rocha and Eduardo Leite, from MG, DF and RS, respectively.

Remembering that Jeff Bezos' company opened Amazon Prime in September last year here in Brazil.

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