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5 Predictions The Simpsons Got Right in 2020

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When we talk about predictions, one of the drawings that comes to our mind is The Simpsons and today I came to bring 5 that they got right in 2020. ?

This episode where Tycoon Trump is heard as US President happened in 2000, that is, 16 years earlier. Still in this ep, it says that Lisa took over the presidency after Trump left the country in great economic chaos. But according to Lisa's voice actor, it wasn't quite a prediction, as the cartoon's animators decided to play with this fact. That's because in the year 2000, Donald Trump had already declared in a very controversial way his interest in becoming president.

Although they joked about this fact, it's pretty scary The Simpsons kind of know that Trump would be president 16 years before that happened. Without further ado, we are now going to list the real predictions that The Simpsons got right with great accuracy this year 2020.

Springfield Police Station on Fire

springfield police station on fire
Photo: Playback/The Simpsons

In one of the more than 600 episodes of this incredible animation, the Springfield police station was on fire and this fact happened in 2020. After the death of George Floyd, a black man who died of asphyxiation after a harsh approach by police america, there were large demonstrations . In one of these protests, people set fire to a US police station, the images are very similar.


5 predictions the simpsons got right in 2020, epidemic, trump president and etc...
Photo: Playback/The Simpsons

In 1993, an episode showed the city of Springfield with its inhabitants totally terrified of a virus of Asian origin. Only then can we clearly see that it has a certain connection with what we are experiencing in 2020, the Covid that emerged in China.

Remembering that in this same ep, people were going to charge a search with the local authorities and they said that the remedy was to stay at home and rest.

Blackout at the White House

Blackout at the white house, the simpsons, trump president
Photo: Reproduction/White House, The Simpsons

After strong protests near the White House this year 2020, the security of that place decided to turn off its lights for safety. In 2017, an episode called the “Donald Trump's First 100 Days in Office”, very similar to what happened in 2020.

Another coincidence is that in this same episode of The Simpsons the president was Trump, did they get all the predictions they made for 2020 right?

Note of R$200.00

Note from r$200.00 the simpsons
Photo: Playback/The Simpsons

We all know that in this year 2020 the government announced the creation of a new note worth R$200.00. But what if I told you that The Simpsons already knew about the creation of this note, would you believe it?

This fact happens in the 16th episode of the 25th season, back in 2014, which was the year of the World Cup here in Brazil. And this ep was set here in Brazil, obviously.

Disney Owner of Everything

Disney owns it all, the simpsons
Photo: Playback/The Simpsons

This fact did not happen this year, but I will report it here because of its great accuracy. Despite being an episode released in 1998, many say that this was in the face that it was going to happen, but even so it's a little scary.

The Simpsons made a joke in 1998 where it said in this episode that Disney would buy Fox, which however, happened in 2017.


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