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Xiaomi Just Launched an iPhone Charger

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On the last day 03/11 Xiaomi, which is a giant Chinese technology company, made a launch that caused a lot of controversy in the world. Most likely you already know what I'm going to talk about in this article. Yes, the beef between Xiaomi x Apple heated up this week when the Chinese company decided to launch a compatible charger for iPhone.

This charger is compatible with iPhone 12 and we all know that Apple released this cell phone without charger. However, Xiaomi saw a good opportunity there to launch a compatible charger for the iPhone and at a very affordable cost. Currently the price of this accessory is only 39 yuan which in direct conversion is only about R$ 34.00.

Do you know how this Xiaomi charger works? In the following way, it has a USB-C connection, that is, it can be used together with the cable that comes with new Apple cell phones.

Apple iPhone Charger Price x Xiaomi Charger Price

apple charger price for iphone x xiaomi charger price
Apple iPhone Charger Price x Xiaomi Charger Price, Check it out!

The business world is a constant observation of what the market needs, for example we have this case of Apple. After launching its new iPhone model without a charger, Apple did not think twice and went there and launched a more affordable model.

Currently this accessory is being sold separately at Apple stores for about R$ 200.00, remembering that this value may vary. As mentioned earlier, the Chinese company launched it for about R$ 34.00 in direct conversion, but we still don't have this charger in Brazil. However, I believe that this value will perhaps vary upwards when it arrives here in the country, because resellers will want to take their profit.

Was the launch of this accessory by the Chinese company a good move? The answer I have to tell you that everything points to yes, but I will wait and see how Apple users will react.

Compatible Models with This Xiaomi Charger

If you thought that it was only for the new iPhone model, you were wrong, the Xiaomi charger works for other cell phones as well. Its users will be able to use it on devices like the iPhone 11 and even on the iPad Pro, however, it can also be used on Android. This accessory also serves for Xiaomi Mi 10, Samsung Galaxy S10, in addition to the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company's console.

Do you think this charger is "crazy"? However, be aware that it offers protection against over voltage, over current, short circuit and overheating.

Apparently, the launches of cell phones without chargers will be made by other manufacturers too, Samsung should do the same with its Galaxy S21. When informing the world that this new cell phone would not come with a charger, Apple said that the decision was aimed at an environmental good. The company justified it claiming that doing so would reduce carbon emissions and avoid mining and using precious materials.

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