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Home automation: The advantages of virtual assistants

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One of the types of devices that have arrived to revolutionize home life is the smart virtual assistant. Large technology companies are betting a lot on this type of device and it is possible that in the coming years it will be as common as having a TV or a smartphone.

Configuring a home in a smart way is easier than ever, but choosing the most suitable smart system for this, in a way that allows us to unite all the devices we have and make them communicate with each other, turns out to be a factor of great importance. .

Apple, Google and Amazon are the main protagonists when it comes to smart homes, with their voice assistants, not only to facilitate the control of all the technology that we have connected, but also to make the automation of the home something very simple.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

The smart virtual assistant is a voice-controlled artificial intelligence device that can perform various functions. They are also known as virtual home assistants or smart speakers. The main functions of smart speaker devices are:

  • Answer questions and help with tasks and prompts, like the voice assistant on your smartphone does, but in a more advanced way.
  • Manage through home automation, connecting to the various devices and managing it as if it were an order center.

Depending on the model, smart home virtual assistants have other very interesting features when it comes to security:

  • It is a good addition to a security alarm as it can detect certain stimuli and act as a sensor.
  • It is capable of controlling IP cameras.
  • They can record sound and let us know via smartphone if something that may seem strange or dangerous is detected.
  • Helps simulate the presence of people and movement at home.
  • Some include a built-in camera. 

What intelligent virtual assistants exist?

The three big technology companies (Apple, Google and Amazon) have been betting on their own models of speaker systems:

  • O Google Home, has several versions and prices and all the power of Google Assistant and its Artificial Intelligence technology.
  • O Amazon Echo it has its assistant, Alexa, who is the most experienced, and there are also different smart speaker systems, some of them have a camera, which allows, for example, to remotely monitor a room in a house or even a baby.
  • O Apple HomePod bets on Siri, Apple's voice assistant, and on excellent sound quality.

What are the advantages of a smart speaker?

echo dot 4th generation
Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation (Image: Playback)

The main advantage is that it simplifies our day to day life and also allows:

  1. Answer questions and perform voice searches.
  2. Read us news about current affairs
  3. Consult the agenda.
  4. Play music.
  5. Set alarms and notes so you don't forget appointments.
  6. Control the home by connecting to other home automation devices.

We can accomplish all these tasks through our voice. In addition, new developments in Artificial Intelligence allow the device to learn and do things autonomously, such as controlling the temperature of the house if it is connected to a smart thermostat. Voice assistants also allow you to connect the various home security systems with each other. 

Why choose a Smart Home?

A smart home is nothing more than a home that has a home automation system, that is, systems designed to improve indoor living conditions through energy management, security or communication. In practice, home automation installations allow you to automate certain mechanical tasks, hence the name smart homes. Automated systems work over the internet, so if you already have a telecommunications service, it is not necessary to hire an additional service, unless you want to change your internet plan to get more mobile data to use when not at home.

The ultimate goal is none other than to make life simpler and, for that, there is a whole range of proposals that can support the internet of things at home. Automating blinds or home programming are two of the most popular examples.

Smart locks that open remotely, lamps that turn on or off according to the existing lighting, including the determination of the intensity or its color, and even virtual assistants that interact with users through voice commands… All are part of a future present where smart home appliances play a key role.

We can also mention the air conditioning systems that can self-regulate, receive warnings if a window opens; washing machines that connect via a text message or smart refrigerators capable of creating a shopping list or even indicating the expiration date of the food stored there… all this is already a reality.

In fact, home automation is a world where we can find many advantages. The smartphone is no longer just to access your social networks or watch movies and online TV, but rather to control your entire home. Fantastic, no?

Advantages of home automation system

Home automation
Home Automation - Illustrative Image
  • Time saving

By incorporating technology into your home, you will be able to enjoy several benefits that, in the long run, are more than necessary, especially when we spend a lot of time working outside and we can't do everything we would like.

  • temperature control

Who doesn't love to come home and find a warmer home after a cold day or find a cooler home after a hot day? Currently, Smart Homes have a system with which we can adjust the temperature from anywhere.

Thanks to this new technology, we can count on our home as a comfortable place, where after a long day at work we can relax and always have an ideal temperature level for each time of year.

  • Savings on energy bills

Home automation is not just practicality, but it is also an ally in the management of energy consumption, leading to a reduction in electricity bills that arrive each month. Through it you can program certain appliances to turn on automatically at times when energy is cheaper or even turn off the lights that were on when you left home to work. Finally, saving energy is easy! So say goodbye to unnecessary energy expenditure and high energy bills. 

  • comfort and tranquility

Modern security systems for the home allow us to monitor our homes at our place of work or when we go on vacation. All this makes it possible to increase our tranquility in a much more comfortable way.

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