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Apps that find free WiFi

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Possibly you must have already been without internet on your cell phone, even today that people have the internet more easily. Because even with easier access, there are still several regions with a weak, bad signal. That is, depending on 3G and 4G networks may not be a good idea. So we made this article to show you apps that have the function of finding free Wi-fi networks. In the end, finds public wifi networks or with shared passwords.

Therefore, in this way you will be able to depend less on 3G and 4G mobile data, and have internet access in places with free internet to use, in addition to using the internet where you usually go. So it will be a "hand in the wheel" every time you want to turn off mobile data, or when the connection is low.

cell phone wifi tab
Cell Phone in Wifi Tab – Illustrative Image

Continue reading and see some applications available with this function.

WiFi Map

Firstly, Wi-Fi Map, one of the best apps for finding WiFi hotspots and passwords. This app turned into a community, with users all over the world. It works like a social network, and people share passwords to access the internet. In addition, you can register using social networks, share to “Wifis” through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to your friends.

With this application it is possible to find the places of internet access, and search for the ones that are closest to you. As well as the respective passwords available, in addition to a catalog with thousands of access points. Therefore, it becomes a great app for people who are going, or are traveling. So, if you are traveling and in a place with a weak signal, the Wi-Fi Map will be of great help.

Likewise, another advantage of this app is that you can download maps and use them offline. Interesting function when traveling by car, on highways in rural areas where the internet connection is more scarce. Anyway, if you liked this app and want to make the download, it is available for android and IOS and can be downloaded directly from the official Play Store and App Store app stores.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

It is worth remembering that the Wi-Fi Map only works while you are using your device, however you can turn this function off in settings. The app is free, so it has ad advertisements, which do not prevent its use or functionality.

Instabridge – Wifi Password

Now a very interesting app, Instabridge, this app doesn't show you exactly what the password of a Wi-fi network is. In fact, it allows the user to release access point from public networks. That is, if you know the password of a certain public network wifi point, you can open the connection to other users using the app. That way, when connecting to a public network, you can release it to users. After all, also through the app's community.

In this sense, on the platform there is a ranking of people who share network passwords the most. That's why the more you share, the higher you rank, in addition to helping people. Thus, the application shows the points near you that there are free wi-fi and shared by the community. And how long will it take to reach the desired network, being able to save the desired points and favorite the networks.

Another interesting point about this app is that it doesn't block navigation, meaning you can access any website and use social networks at will. With Instabridge you can legally connect to public and shared passwords, making it great when you're traveling abroad and need to access a public network. It is available for the Google Play and App Store platforms, finally, if you download the app, go to the official app stores.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

This app is very good because it has about 3 million Wi-Fi access points, and it provides important information about the connection. Such as download and upload speed, and signal strength.

WiFi Magic by Mandic – Passwords

Now another option, an app with the objective of connecting to the public internet or discovering passwords, the WiFi Magic by Mandic – Passwords. So this app helps you save your mobile data, after all, this app finds the internet access point closest to you easily. So it shows public networks, in restaurants, hotels, salons and so on. With it, you won't need to ask the employees of the establishments for the wifi password.

Wifi magic appstore
Wifi Magic AppStore Demo – Illustrative Image

Like other apps, this one can also share Wifi network passwords with other users, making it a shared network. However, it is worth remembering that its use is limited to public networks only. In other words, private and home networks do not count towards sharing. Furthermore, to be able to use the app, it is necessary to register with a login and password, after logging in it is saved in memory to make it more convenient.

The app displays different colors to identify network status, such as: Green (without password), Yellow (requires registration), Red (with password). However, there are more statuses and different colors, after choosing the network, in another tab, you will see the name, signal quality. If you want to download this application, it can be found on the Google Play and App Store platforms.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

With WiFi Magic it allows you to always have a connection in hand in a faster and more qualified way. And even, being connected to public networks, using less 3G and 4G your device will have more autonomy, as wi-fi technology consumes less battery.

Other Apps with the same function

So that this list doesn't get too long, let's quickly mention other applications, which have the same function, and others with a slightly different proposal. Remembering that we highlighted and discussed the first 3 because we believe they are the most interesting applications. However, the next ones are also very good, and work perfectly. They deliver the proposal in a qualified way, so if you don't want to download one of the first 3, choose one of these others:

  • WiFi Password Recovery
  • WiFi Password
  • Osmino WiFi
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • WiFi Warden

Some of these apps mentioned above are not in the IOS device app store, that is, they are not in the App Store, only in the Play Store.

Safety Tips

Whenever accessing a public network, care must be taken, as the devices are exposed and even vulnerable. And unfortunately, there can be malicious users, seeking to take advantage of personal information, or gain access to data from your device.

So, we at NewsGeek have some security tips for you to apply on your device, and thus be protected:

  • Download an antivirus app. Scan the device frequently.
  • Always keep your device up to date
  • Make sure the apps you are downloading are the official app.

These are some methods you can use to be more secure when accessing a public network. However, there are many security applications. And others that help protect the network, such as VPN's, being perhaps a good way to protect yourself.

Final considerations

We at NewsGeek hope you enjoyed this article. We seek to bring you information about several apps that can identify public Wi-Fi networks for free access. As well as the possibility of downloading such apps on your smartphone. Finally, thank you for coming this far, and if you liked the content, share it with your friends to also have access to free wi-fi. We wish you a good week, a big hug and see you next time!

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