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Discover 5 Amazing Facts About Japan

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Today I come to bring you 5 amazing facts about Japan that maybe you didn't know, or have you at least heard of one of them? Well, to know if you know one, two or more curiosities about this country, I recommend you read this article until the end, it's amazing.

And yet, this is one of the countries that has perhaps the most fascinating culture and it is based mainly on respect for others and education. It is no wonder that the country has a literacy rate of almost 100%, the average there is approximately 99%.

1: There are no cleaning staff in schools

There are no cleaning staff in Japanese schools
Illustrative Image Japanese Schools

Remember I said that Japan has a very polite Culture? So, education begins to be taught to its population from an early age, at school, but it is not an education like ours.

Here in Brazil, when we talk about education in schools, we immediately think about education in studies, but in Japan this goes further. There are no cleaning staff in the schools and who do this service are the students themselves, the aim is to teach them to respect the environment they live in.

2: Highest Life Expectancy in the World

Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world
Japanese Elderly

Second in this list of 5 amazing facts about Japan, we will talk about the life expectancy of its population. On average, the population lives 86 years, here in Brazil it is 76.6 years, that is, the people there live 10 years longer.

Apparently, in addition to taking care of the environment in which they live, being polite to each other, they also take care of their own health.

3: Tattoos Are Malvistas in Japan

Discover 5 amazing facts about Japan, tattoos are frowned upon
tattooed woman

Unlike Brazil and some other countries, tattoos in Japan are not well regarded, but why is that? Traditionally, those who used tattoos were people linked to the Japanese mafia and criminal groups. And yet, this influences the way its population sees tattoos to this day, well, until we can understand.

So, if you have very exposed tattoos and you go to Japan, you will most likely see your population looking at you strangely.

4: Touching the Hand Is Considered Intimate Contact

Touching a hand is considered intimate contact in Japan.

Here in Brazil it is quite common to greet each other touching the hands and even giving a kiss on the side of the face. However, in Japan things are very different, touching another person's hand is considered something quite intimate.

If the hand touch is between Male and Female, this can be quite offensive to those Japanese who are more conservative.

5: Are Fissured in Instant Noodles

Japanese are obsessed with instant noodles
Instant noodles

Fifth of these amazing facts about Japan we have one that if you've watched Naruto you will know very well. The Japanese are passionate about Instant noodles, or “Ramen” for those like me, fans of the Ninja in Orange Jacket, or simply, Naruto.

There are restaurants that are totally specialized in Instant Noodles and you can make all kinds of recipes for this food.


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