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What if the Internet didn't exist?

What would our world be like without the presence of the internet?

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Have you ever stopped to think what the world would be like today if the internet did not exist and what impacts this would have today? However, we will assume that the Internet was never invented and not if it always existed and ended up out of nowhere.

If the internet were to end out of nowhere today, the impacts would be very different from the case if it never existed, that is, it was not created. The world is adapting with the things that are emerging and if the internet never existed, things would be very different today.

Many dating relationships that exist today would not exist, as it is increasingly common for people to meet each other on the internet.

Instant communication would not exist

instant communication
Communication Via Smartphones – illustrative image

Nowadays we can chat with several instantly through tools such as WhatsApp, Facebook, SnapChat, TikTok, Instagram, email and etc… But what if the internet didn't exist, how would we communicate without this resource in the world with the people who are far.

Well, we would have the option of talking through letters, but let's face it, that conversation would take a tremendous amount of time, of days, weeks or even months.

You probably know what Landline Telephone is, today you can bet that if the world didn't have Internet, they would be much more common.

Our cell phone itself has a function that many people have stopped using, that of making direct calls, without using apps. Today, with the internet, we often call Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype and in countless other ways.

We couldn't transfer money virtually

Nowadays we have a bank in the palm of our hand, and it is no exaggeration to say this, as we can access the bank using our cell phone. Well, to pay bills, electricity bills, water bills, transfer money and such, we can do this easily on the cell phone, if it has internet.

But if the internet did not exist in today's world, one of the impacts would be the lack of use of this resource. Anyway, I personally pay all the bills using my cell phone, without the internet, I would have to go to a physical bank branch.

Many celebrities would be anonymous

In the old days the only famous people we knew were those who needed to be on TV to become famous, but that has changed. Currently it is very common for people to gain fame because of the internet, and their Social Networks and most likely you know that.

Through the internet, new ways to escape anonymity and become famous have emerged, such as bloggers, YouTubers, comedians, gamers, etc... I would venture to say that many famous people today have more engagement on their Social Networks than some large TV channels.

I'll bet anyone you know a lot of people who are famous and if the internet didn't exist it would still be anonymous today. And these same people end up using their social networks as a way of working, that is, the internet has created new ways of working.

Anyway, what would the world be like today without the internet and what impacts could this have on your life? You can leave your opinion down here in the comments, if you want.


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