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Where did the Chinese Uncontrolled Rocket Fall?

Brazil was on the route of possible places where the rocket would fall!

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Recently the world was taken by surprise with the news that an out-of-control Chinese Rocket was crashing, but where did it actually land? Many said that he had a chance of falling in Brazil and this news made many people worried, but did he really fall in our country?

Well, I'll leave you unconcerned, the uncontrolled Chinese Rocket that was falling and worrying many people didn't fall in Brazil. To tell you the truth, your fall did not happen in any country here in South America, nor in the Atlantic Ocean.

Another piece of information that made the world a little worried was that the crash of this rocket could happen there in the United States of America. The fear of the population would be about what this could generate, could we possibly have a war between China x USA?

Well, don't worry, because the Chinese Rocket didn't fall in the United States and there won't be a third world war. So without further ado, below I will finally reveal to you the exact spot where this uncontrolled Chinese rocket crashed.

Where did the Chinese rocket land?

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Planet earth is made up of about 70% water and 30% earth, meaning this rocket was more likely to fall into the sea. And yes, the rocket ended up falling into the sea and it didn't hit any human being's head, that is, no one died because of this rocket.

To be more precise with you about the place where the Chinese rocket landed, the fact happened there in the Indian Ocean. And the fall took place in a place that many people know from photos on the internet and would really like to know, would you guess?

The place where the uncontrolled Chinese rocket fell was near the Maldives Islands, jokes aside, the good place to visit lol.

Last time the rocket passed through Brazil

The rocket crash took place at approximately 11:30 pm local time here in Brazil, but it passed through our country's sky hours earlier. The last passage of this rocket in our skies was at approximately 19:30hs, Brasília time and passed further north of the country.

I, for example, live in the Recôncavo of Bahia and despite being seen in several states of Brazil, from here in the city it was not possible to see. Its path came from the Pacific Ocean, as I had already said, it crossed the country further north and crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

The Predicted Time of the Rocket Crash

When the world was notified that a Chinese Runaway rocket was crashing, many already started doing calculations to know the location of its crash. By then many locations have been speculated and the last one was in the Atlantic Ocean near Portugal, but he didn't land there.

In addition, we also had the estimated time of the drop for half past midnight, and he dropped almost an hour before that.


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