Why We Still Haven't Found Intelligent Civilizations Outside Earth?

Why We Still Haven't Found Intelligent Civilizations Outside Earth?

Are we really alone in this vast universe?

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One of humanity's greatest mysteries is about the existence of Life Outside Earth and whether intelligent Civilizations exist on another planet. But after all, if there are aliens somewhere in this vast Universe, where are they and why have they never come into contact with us?

I will try to answer these questions in this article, of course what is said is just speculation, after all, we don't know about life outside the earth. But I want you to know that there is a possibility that we are already receiving messages from other civilizations, I will talk about that below.

There Are Intelligent Civilizations And Are Already In Contact With Humans

It is currently speculated that there are 3 main ways that intelligent civilizations manage to make energy sources, and I'm going to talk about them now. The first would be using your planet's resources, the second using your star's energy, and the third using your entire planetary system.

We humans only know how to use our planet's resources, but think about how smart a civilization would be when using its star's resources. So we can imagine that maybe this civilization already exists and they send messages to us, but we still can't understand.

The reason humans don't notice the signs of other civilizations is because we're still not as smart as they are. But know that there is another theory that tries to explain why intelligent civilizations do not come in contact with people here on earth.

The reason would be to avoid conflicts, because we know that for life to evolve, it would be necessary to steal resources from each other, it has always been like this here on earth. Perhaps it would be more advantageous for the aliens to stay where they are rather than going out and making contact with other civilizations.

Aliens Don't Come Because of Their Planet's Distance to Us

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Extraterrestrial (alien) life simulation

We know that the speed of Light is the fastest speed we humans know, but are there civilizations that can travel at this speed? The answer I have to tell you is that I don't know, and even if there are aliens traveling at this speed, it would take a long time to get here.

The stars that we can observe are about a thousand light years away from us, that is, to go to them, it would take a thousand years. That's if we travel at the speed of Light, which is the fastest we know, not to mention that we don't have the resources to travel at this speed.

If by any chance there is a intelligent civilization living a thousand light years from here, probably when they reach us, they won't even have a life. Unless your life estimate is absurdly high, but let's face it, no one would want to take such a long trip.

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