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My Hero Academia Vigilantes is reportedly nearing its finale

Manga that precedes the story of Boku no Hero is nearing its end!

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the great series prequel My Hero Academia's Vigilantes spin-off is nearing its finale! Vigilantes may have started out as an interesting experiment taking place in the world of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia. After, years before the events of that main series, but as fans have seen through its 100 chapters!

By now, the series has transformed into something new completely. Furthermore, we saw some important events that happen in the Vigilantes spin-off. Apart from that, there were even some crossovers with the main series, and now it seems that this spin-off may be heading towards its end.

As noted in a new report by Manga Mogura RE on Twitter. Hideyuki Furuhashi and the My Hero Academia spin-off series Watchers of Betten Court is heading towards its "last outbreak". There are only a few volumes left for the series. This report should be taken with a grain of salt, but it makes sense for where the spin-off is currently with the newest Naruhata War arc kicking off in Chapter 100 of the series.

New phase in Watchers?!

Picture - Shueisha.
Photo – Shueisha.

This landmark chapter ushers in a new phase of what already felt like the series' final arc. Starting with Koichi Haimawari debating his retirement from his Creeper duty. Now, he would soon graduate from college and enter the workforce, but things quickly took a dark turn. Kazuho Haneyama was preoccupied with confessing her romantic feelings, and soon this made her a victim of Number Six's ruse.

After Koichi's first battle with Number Six, the villain's defeat ushered in a much more chaotic battle. Now dubbed "The Naruhata War". Number Six has sent its proto-Nomu weapons to Koichi City and is causing chaos at every turn. Now the professional heroes have started fighting them and at the same time have started hunting Koichi as a criminal due to his perceived role in the plot of Number Six.

Also, this seems like a pretty big arc to finish off the spin-off series, if that's what the series is planning. After all, this final battle could define Koichi's place among the heroes, and will likely see him retire or move on to a proper role as a pro hero. Now it's just a case of seeing if the series ends or not.

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