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Know Who Are Minato's Parents

One of Naruto's most beloved characters, but little is known about him!

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Many things were left open in Naruto and we will possibly never know, and one of them is about who Minato's parents are. Yes, today we are going to talk about who are possibly Naruto's grandparents, because the Ninja in the Orange Jacket is Minato's son.

Minato, who since he was very young, has always been a Ninja of incredible abilities, abilities far superior to other Ninjas of his age. I don't know if you remember, but there was a moment when he was entering the Ninja Academy, where he was approximately 5 years old. Some Ninjas kidnapped the kushina, who was also a child, and who saved her was just Minato, clearly demonstrating to be a child prodigy.

Well, before we talk about who Minato's parents are and also mention some theories, we will talk about who this Ninja was.

who is Minato

Minato, news geek
Photo: Reproduction / Minato

In classic Naruto, practically nothing was said about Minato, we only knew that there was a fourth Hokage, who ended up dying for the sake of his Village. This fourth Hokage was precisely Minato, who however, was none other than Naruto's father, who lived as an orphan.

In life, Minato was the greatest of his time, and it was at this point that he became the fourth Hokage, replacing the third. When he died, the village leaders did not choose to give the post to a fifth hokage, so the third resumed the post.

His master was none other than Jiraya, who taught him many things, which made him develop an incredible technique, the Rasengan. We've seen a lot of Naruto use this technique too, which is simply an extremely destructive and powerful chakra control.

As a jonin, Minato participated in the Third Shinobi World War, where he had a team made up of Ninjas you should know about. And the Ninjas of this Minato team were none other than Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara.

This group was responsible for destroying the Kannabi Bridge, which thus initiated the turn of the tide in Konoha's favor.

Now that you know a little about who he is, we will now talk about a theory about who Minato's parents are.

Minato's parents are Tsunade and Jiraiya?

Jiraya and Tsunade are Minato's parents?
Minato is Jiraya and Tsunade's son??

At first it may seem crazy, but yes, there is a theory about his parents being Tsunade and Jiraiya. And this theory that I'm going to tell you here will make a lot of sense.

If you followed all of Naruto, you can see that Jiraya and Tsunade have lived together since when they were children. Therefore, we can calculate that both have known each other for approximately 50 years, and throughout this time, Jiraya has always shown to be in love with Tsunade.

We can then come to a conclusion that at a certain point, Jiraya hit on her and managed to create an atmosphere between them. And this atmosphere was enough for the two to have something more and boom, some time later a child appeared.

And when Jiraya died, we can see that the feeling she showed for him was much greater than we were used to seeing. It would be that feeling, "My son's father died".

Remember at the beginning of this article we said that Minato was an extremely skilled Ninja since he was a child? We can come to the conclusion that he was trained from a very young age, and by highly skilled ninjas, and who would those Ninjas be? Jiraiya and Tsunade.

Who were Minato's teammates on Team Jiraiya?

Who were minato's teammates on team jiraya?
Jiraya's team

Now that we've covered a theory about who Minato's parents are, let's talk about another big mystery. During the Naruto Anime, we saw that teams are formed with 3 members and a master, but who were Minato's other two colleagues?

Well, we already know that the master of this team was Jiraya, where he had Minato as his disciple, another boy and a girl. But during the Anime we didn't see much talk about this trio, which aroused many curiosities and theories among fans.

I want to make it very clear here that at no time was absolutely anything said about who the other two members would be. However, there are some theories as to who those two members are, and they make a lot of sense.

And one of these theories says that those two members is the Mikoto (Sasuke's mother) and the Teuchi (Ramen's uncle).

Are the other two members really Mikoto and Teuchi?

Jiraiya, Minato, Mikoto and the Teuchi
Minato's team

This theory has a big flaw about Teuchi, do you know what it is? In classic Naruto, we saw that he already appears to be around 50 years old, while Minato was just over 30 years old. And in the photos we see that those three characters have the same age range.

About that girl being Mikoto, Sasuke's mother, it makes sense, because we saw in the Anime that she was a great friend of Kushina. Kushina and she appear to be the same age, and we know that Minato studied with Kushina, that is, he is also her age. Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that when she was young, Mikoto also studied together with Minato.

Anyway, this was a brief article where we talk about a possible theory about who Minato's parents are. If you liked the content, don't forget to share it on all your Social Networks and with all your friends.


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