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Star and Stripe! Has revealed the limit of America's greatest heroine

How heroine Star and Stripe face Shigaraki and discover their limits in the final battle

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The limit in the fight against villainy between Star and Stripe vs Shigaraki! While fans of the franchise got a brief glimpse of how other countries have dealt with their respective heroes in the past. Now, the newest chapters in the series have finally given us a much more concrete look at the other countries and their heroes.

Namely, as the threat of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki far exceeds only Japan, America's number one heroine swung into action before receiving official authorization from her country to do so.

America's greatest hero, Star and Stripe, has looked pretty intense so far compared to the other heroes! This we see thanks not only to the immense and almost divine power bestowed by his peculiarity! But how hard is she willing to fight to deliver America's kind of justice. Furthermore, she also revealed a desire to kill Shigaraki if the situation called for it, and revealed that she and her team were willing to give their lives for the cause. But when the impetus came with the newest installment in the series, Star showed that even she has limits.

My Hero Academia: Star and Stripe vs Shigaraki

Chapter 332 of the series picks up Star and Stripe's fight against Shigaraki, and it's clear that even their most impressive efforts are far from completely defeating the villain. Even with the help of America's greatest weapon (a fleet of missiles known as "Tiamat"), nothing the hero was able to do was enough to defeat Shigaraki. At the very least, this only served to make Shigaraki even more dangerous, as he was able to discover the limits of what the New Order could do.

With that in mind, Shigaraki ends up evading Star's strongest attack and this leaves her open long enough for a final attack.

But she is put to the test when one of her pilots tells her to destroy her plan with Shigaraki in it to injure the villain in the resulting explosion. Although she has sworn to die alongside her brothers in the field, it is another thing entirely to directly sacrifice one of them just for her. It's something she can't do, and ultimately it's what gives Shigaraki enough time to touch her face.

But what did you think of this Star and Stripe moment? What do you think this means for the hero's future in the next chapter? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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