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Application that simulates X-ray image

Make fun X-ray images with free app

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Currently, technology has advanced a lot, mainly for our convenience and leisure. So it has launched several apps, of various uses, such as apps to order food, taxi, bank, social networks, personal data. In addition to these many other apps, and the ones that release a lot are game apps. But did you know that there are also apps that simulate X-ray images? Yes, there are even platforms that simulate a supposed X-ray.

Thus, they show images of parts of the human body, such as hands, head, trunk, among many others. And that's why we thought of writing this article, if you're interested in knowing more about how the app works, and want to download it. So that, with this, you can get a better idea of how the human exoskeleton works. In this sense, you will know in more detail how such an app, of “X-Ray technology” works.

Application that simulates x-ray
Xray Application - Illustrative Image

We at NewsGeek have brought some applications that have this purpose, rest assured that the options are for all devices. That is, we brought applications, which can be downloaded for Android, Google Play platform, and also for IOS, App Store platform. Please read on and see the available apps. below.

Xray Body Scanner – Full Body Scann doctor game

This application offers us an X-ray simulator to be able to have fun with your family and friends. The Xray Body Scanner consists of performing a junction of dynamic images, which thus show some x-ray images. That is, the proposal is that x-ray vision will see hands, head, trunk, among other parts of the human body. So while playing the app, you must position the phone horizontally and move. So, so that the app can scan the limbs of the body, which are beyond the walls.

It is worth remembering that this application only simulates, and cannot perform a real X-ray on your mobile device. In this sense, the app only serves as a form of entertainment, being a good option for your enjoyment. And if you were curious, and want to download the app, just click on the button we provide. Unfortunately this app can only be downloaded by Android devices.

But don't worry, we'll also talk about another app for IOS. Xray Body Scanner, a free app on the Play Store, and can be downloaded anytime. Finally, click on the button below to download the app.

You will be redirected to the official website

Next, we'll guide you on how you can have fun with Xray on your cell phone, with your friends and family. And soon after we will present the app that can be downloaded on IOS.

Step by step to use Xray.

  • After you download the app on your device, open the app and click on the “Scan” option on the home screen. And then choose the region of the body that you want to see in an x-ray image, such as the hand or foot. Remembering that the app is in English, so “Left hand, Right hand” means left hand and right hand, respectively. In this sense, “Head”, “Chest” means, head and chest, respectively.
  • After you choose the hand, choose the upper part of the body, where you can simulate the X-Ray image. In other words, an image of the limbs through the upper part of the body, which is enough to move in a horizontal position. But do it with delicacy, in addition to back and forth movements with the device.
  • Likewise, if you opt for another body region such as “Head”, head, when scanning the limb, there should be the apparent result of a skull. Do as explained in the topic above, to succeed in the skull image.
  • Finally, even during the fun, choose "Chest", which in the case of the region of the chest, chest, there must be the supposed image of the trunk. That is, on the screen of the X-ray app, you will probably see the image of the rib, and the complete region of the chest. In the same way, do as explained in the previous topics, to be successful and see the image.

Other Applications That Simulate X-Ray Image

It is worth mentioning that all applications with this proposal are for fun purposes only, that is, they are not real x-rays, with some kind of certification. But simply for fun with supposed X-Ray simulation images. That's why most apps for this purpose are free, but be careful because some may be free to download, but they charge to release a certain function.

Anyway, there are several applications for this purpose, and they can be found on Google Play, and also on the App Store. Therefore, we are going to mention some applications with a similar proposal but that are interesting.

  • Wall Scanner XrayPrank
  • Xray Alien Scanner Prank
  • Xray Ghost Scanner Prank

These apps are available for Android devices, however the next list contains apps for IOS phones. Next!

  • X-Ray Full Body Prank
  • Xray Fracture FootPrank
  • X-Ray Prank

Anyway, if you are interested in seeing what images of body members can look like, by x-ray image, download one of these applications. Kill curiosity and have fun with the images.

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