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Round 6: Series creator confirms season 2

Round 6: Director confirms second season of Netflix phenomenon series

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The first season of Round 6 arrived on Netflix winning the hearts of fans, including becoming the most watched work in the history of the platform, even though it was recently released! She beat out big names like bridgerton and Stranger Things.

And with all this huge success it's to be expected fans cheering for a sequel, which of course, in the event the producers had only envisioned one season, could make them rethink. And rumors come out in full swing, of course.

However, they are no longer just rumors, this Tuesday (09/11/21) Hwang Dong-hyuk creator and director of Round 6 confirmed the second season of the series! Confirmation comes from the director himself during an interview. Check the statement:

There's a lot of pressure, a lot of demand and a lot of love around a second season. I feel like y'all [fans] don't give me a choice

Hwang Dong-Hyuk, Creator and Director of Round 6.

Although the director himself confirms that it is still too early to reveal anything about a sequel, such as plot, release date, etc. One important thing he said. He stated that Gi-hun, the main plot character from the first season, will come back and do something for the world. But without revealing too many details about his plans.

Release forecast for season 2

As much as it is excellent news that the second season is more than confirmed, by the director himself. Let's not forget that the first season took about 10 years to get off the ground! This makes it difficult to predict, to have an idea of how long it will take for the sequel to be ready.

Other series usually receive 1 season a year, but most of the time they already have an idealized season along with the first one. However, Round 6 underwent several changes in its original idea, being altered and rejected by studios until Netflix put its hand on the project.

Anyway, 10 years is a lot to wait for a sequel, now with Netflix at stake, it's possible that this period will be shortened a lot.

About Round 6

Launched in September 2021 on Netflix, Round 6 was a resounding success on the platform by presenting a group of indebted people who are willing to risk their lives in deadly games to get money. All games are children's games from South Korean culture, however, with the dynamics of the games it is very similar to the movie Saw and The Hunger Games. The series brings with it strong social criticism, a good dose of drama and suspense.

The series took 10 years to be produced, after all, the director presented the project several times to different producers. But none approved the project, until the project for Netflix arrived. In less than 2 months, the series became a true phenomenon! The most watched series on Netflix, ranking in the top 1 in several countries.

What further proves the phenomenon is the fact that even the series has inspired several fantasies around the world in halloween, that is, it has become a social phenomenon!

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